OUTRIDERS – Endgame Pyromancer Acari Champion Build

Endgame Anomaly Pyromancer Build


Pure Anomaly/Status power Heatwave/F.A.S.E.R/Overheat/ build focusing on 3-piece Acari set, Ashen Champion Mod and Master Consumer.

This can be a starting point when you reach CT10. Till then just play what’s fun for you. I was strictly using Anomaly build to clear endgame because it’s fun.

I would recommend starting to gear and look for good stat rolls on items when you reach CT10.


Helmet of the Acari

  • Fire Tsunami: Critical part of your endgame gear. Widens your heatwave to burn everyone and gives you 50% anomaly power with the set bonus.
  • Ashen Champion: Mod dismantled from the Helmet of Lava Lich – Very Critical mod as well to synergize burn and ash to setup Overheat.


Armor of the Acari

  • Detonator: Reduces Overheat Cooldown by 50% – basically the cooldown drops down to match with the cooldowns of heatwave and F.A.S.E.R beam.
  • Damage Absorber: is a must-have. Increases your armor by approx 50k and resistance by 10%. The armor gains from this mod scale with item level. It’s very good.


Waistcloth of the Acari

  • Anomaly Echo: 100% uptime as all your skills are under 10 seconds.
  • Frequent FASER: is a must-have.Reduces the cooldown of your beam to match with heatwave and overheat.


Gloves of the Shaman Warlord

  • Pure Power: Boosts your beam damage even more
  • Emergency Stance: must-have.you have a 4 second timeframe to get your health back up by leeching with burn/skills.


Gloves of the Shaman Warlord

  • Tidal Wave: Gives heatwave another charge to burn even more targets
  • Master Consumer: Another Critical Mod. Increases Overheat’s damage by 150% when you consume both ash and burn.


Critical Armor Stats

  • Status Power: Boosts F.A.S.E.R beam damage, increases burn damage and increases ash duration.
  • Anomaly Power: Boosts your overall skill damage.
  • Cooldown Reduction: Critical for skill rotation and skill uptime.
  • Skill Life Leech: Your ultimate stat for survival.

Skills and Rotation

  1. Heatwave
  2. Overheat
  3. F.A.S.E.R

Skill Rotation

The Set-bonus as mentioned earlier boosts your Anomaly power by 50% for each enemy targeted with the skill.

  • Ashen Champion: Instead of burning everyone, it will apply ash to all targets.
  • Master Consumer: Consumes both fire and ash to deal 150% damage.

Keeping in mind on the above, the rotation is as follows:

Generally for Elites and mobs

  • Heatwave -> F.A.S.E.R -> Overheat -> Heatwave -> F.A.S.E.R -> Overheat

For Mob clear (since they stay ashed for longer):

  • F.A.S.E.R -> Heatwave -> Overheat-> Heatwave.

So the tactic here is to burn then ash and then Overheat to consume both status effects and start the rotation all over again. Rinse and Repeat

Skill Tree

This is my current setup. Might change it in the future – skill leech, health and anomaly power is your priority.


How to Survive?

Burn, Burn and more Burn.

You should have at least one target burning. The Skill leech will always help you rejuvenate when Emergency Stance gets triggered at 30% health.


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