Borderlands 3 – Might Beyond Sight (Eridium Piles Locations)

Locations of mysterious Eridium piles in Jacobs Estate with screenshots.

Eridium Piles Locations List 

Might Beyond Sight


  • Achievement

Might Beyond Sight

  • Destroy 50 mysterious Eridium piles.


  • Eden-6, Jacobs Estate.


  • Small, narrow, linear map with 10+ possible eridium spawns in the beginning of the location… plus I personally love that The Ambush at Jakob’s Estate instrumental.


  • From afar a pile looks like sparkles. Get closer and melee it.


You need to complete Ava’s podcast quest to receive this artifact.

Equip it and now you can see mysterious Eridium piles.

Possible Locations

Although there are 10+ possible spawns, only 4-6 will appear at once.

Pick what you find. Quit, continue, repeat 8-9 more times.

1. Make your way to El Dragón Jr. hideout.

Proceed to the first enemy base.

2. Face the cabin.

3. And literally next to number 2 in few steps is.

4. In the mid of enemy base.

5. By the witch gate.

6. In the cave area, as you walk in.

7. Continue by left side.

8. In the central area.

9, 10. Before you reach platform towards the estate.

These two often spawned together:

11. By the left side of the estate.

12. Slightly above the fighting area below.

… pretty sure I’ve seen two more spawns by a small bridge and next to the platform area, but couldn’t trigger them to appear again for the screenshots. So… keep your eyes open.

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