Warframe – How to Defeat the Razorback (Boss Guide)

Kill the Razorback step by step.

Razorback Boss Guide

Incoming Message from Lotus

Once the Razorback Armada node appears, the Lotus will send all players an inbox message about the Razorback threat and deliver a Razorback Cipher Blueprint in their inventory.

Cryptographic ALU

Cryptographic ALU is exclusive to Archwing missions over Jupiter and Neptune, and can only be found during the course of the Razorback Armada event.

Razorback Cipher

If you got 4 cryptographic alu you can build the razorback cipher to start the mission.


Now you can select the mission, Razorback Armada.

Make sure you equip the razorback cipher in your gear wheel.

Use the Razorback Cipher

To use the razorback cipher, click on the small icon. Or tap Z.

Fight Against the Razorback

First of all, u have to hack the console in the middle of the arena to trigger the boss.

After that you need to hack a console in one of the walls.

This will send a bursa u have to hack.

The bursa will hack into the razorback and knock him out.

The razorback is now open to get damage.

Repeat this progress until he is dead and go to extraction.


Repeat this guide 2-6, 2 more times to get the reward. (Total 3 times).

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