The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark – Full Walkthrough & 100% Achievements Guide

Full video walkthroughs for each episode + descriptions for all missable achievements.

Guide to Complete Walkthrough

All credit goes to tasselfoot!

Missing, Presumed Darkside


  • An Eye For Detail – When you first get to the switch station, go to the roof before roping it off with police tape. You’ll see a ghost and get an achievement.
  • Wisdom Seeker – Click on the cookie jar and the mechanical clairvoyant a bunch of times, until you’ve gotten all of their different lines of advice. 10-15 times each should be plenty.

Twilight Years


  • Busy Body – Click on all of the items on Nanny Dooley’s shelves.
  • Resource Hogs – Get a lot of cups of tea / sandwiches by entering and exiting Nanny Dooley’s room over and over. Triggered for me at 22 of each (11 entries to the room). Others are reporting as many as 30 of each to get the achievement.

Druid’s Delight


  • Teach An Old Dog New Tricks – Give the apple to the dog. I did it before slicing, but it may also work after slicing.
  • Well, Well, Well – After triggering the launch sequence, go to the well. It will have smoke coming up out of it. Click on the Loose Rock Base and click through the dialogue.

Funfair Dismissal


  • Bum Ride – After moving the elephant, click on the clown car again.
  • Unwanted Dinner Guest – In the haunted house, select mirrors 3 then 1 then 1.

Royal Fumble


  • Playing With Fire – Click on the demon 5 or so times while he’s being interviewed.
  • Matchmaker – After you break into the filing cabinet in the Back Office, the Standing Wrestler will appear outside. On this screen, talk to El Doolio and then talk to Seated Wrestler.

Class of the Titans


  • Too Cool For School – Click on the poster on the left side of the Workshop.
  • Slender Fan – Listen to all 3 songs from the band. Click on the band before talking to Timeloop (song about legs), after we find out about the monster but before needing door handles (song about two heads), and then again after needing door handles (song about eyes).
  • The Boys Are Back in Town – Watch the credits fully after finishing Episode 6.

Not Episode Specific

  • Manhandler – Click on McQueen 50 times in total
  • Time Cop – Get all of Dooley’s flashbacks. I had this trigger in Episode 5.
  • Heavy Petting – Pet all the animals in the game. I got this in Episode 5 with the Mongoose. There is also the Cat in the apartment in Episode 1 and the Seal and Dog in Episode 3.

Light Reading

  • Episode 1 – In the old case files box under McQueen’s desk in his Apartment.
  • Episode 2 – In the Old Man’s room, one of the photos on his wall.
  • Episode 3 – Downstairs in the mansion, in the Larder, the poster above the dumb waiter.
  • Episode 4 – Pigeon poster outside the haunted house.
  • Episode 5 – On the first screen of the episode, the poster above the Tickets booth.
  • Episode 6 – Grey locker outside of Science Lab, behind Bender. Have to go back in time to access.
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