Rain on Your Parade – How to Obtain All Achievements

100% Achievements Guide

All credit goes to Panoclio!

Story Based Achievements

All achievements you will achieve just by playing through the story.

Minimum Effort

  • Woo, you started the game!


  • Unlock Thunder.


  • Unlock Snow.


  • Unlock Tornado.

Winner Is You!

  • Beat the game.

New Game+ / Secrets

Some of these achievments can be obtained during first playthrough, but I went back and did these on second.

Beach Party!

  • Not a rain drop was wasted.

For this achievement load up level “Beach” & Tornado all hoomans into the water.

Break The Game

  • You broke the game.

In “level 50” mess with computer, crashing the game.

Stylish Cloud

  • Wear sunglasses at night.

Wear the sunglasses achieved in “Beach” inside of level “Spoopy Forest Road”.

Achievement Cat

  • Secret achievement.

Once you have thunder ability, go to the top left of the hub world & thunder down on the giant grey rock beneath the level “The Late Cretaceous”.

Gotta Go Fast

  • Get the Cloudbot ball moving over 200 m/s.

In the “CloudOut” Level. Super easy with Tornado powerup. Just Tornado and whip it at the wall.

Popcorn. Yum!

  • Make some popcorn.

Go into “Farm” level. Do not grab the toxic waste power, stay with your water. Go down to the crops just south of you, water them and shock them with your thunder.

Gravity Gun

  • Beat First Person Cloud without picking up any ammo.

Go to your “Homely Abode” by pressing back button on controller, & play the arcade game. Not sure if it is a troll, but just die, and the achievement will pop.

Such Strategy, Very Tactic

  • Do not let Seattle take any damage.

In level “Seattle Defense” do not take any damage. Very easy.

Time To Spare

  • Commentary on filler content to pad play times, or just lazy design? You tell us!

On the level “Do not move” do not move for 1 hour. Real time. Super easy, but time consuming.

Master Thief

  • Steal all the paintings from the museum.

Just use your Tornado in the “Museum” level to pull all 14 paintings out. Doesn’t matter if you set off alarm.

Pool Party!

  • Everybody in the pool!

In level “Villa Del Dryspell” throw all hoomans in the pool. Easy with tornado power.

The Texan

  • Spook hoomans with a chainsaw.

Get the chainsaw cosmetic from the level “It Came From The Sky” put it on, and then enter “Cloudy Hill” and scare hoomans with it.

Boss Levels / No Hit + Time Limit

These are all done in new game+.

Pretty self explanatory, just move fast & don’t get hit! All are very easy to do.

Canyon Master

  • Get through the Dryspell Canyon within the time limit and without getting hit.

Party Crasher

  • Crash Dryspell’s Resort within the time limit and without getting hit.

Lava Cave Master

  • Beat the Mt. Dryspell within the time limit and without getting hit.

Infiltrator Master

  • Infiltrate Dryspell’s Secret Base within the time limit and without getting hit.

Fanservice Soak All Your Fanboys

Giving this one its own lil category here. I did this all in one sitting, after I had completed everything else, & atleast getting the main objective done & raining on the hooman, before quitting each level.

For this achievement you want to rain on all the hoomans that are holding the “I <3 cloud” signs throughout the levels.

The Beach

  • Top of the level.

The School

  • In the top right of the cafeteria, next to the cooks.

The Farm

  • Form starting point go south west, standing in some crops next to the big windmill.


  • From start, go north until you get to the intersection, go left & down towards the sheep & fire/tent. The hooman will be on the wall right of the fire.

Going To Work

  • Right in the open as you rain on the businessman.

Villa Del Dryspell

  • Bottom left next to the pool.

Quiet Mountain Town

  • From start go all the way to the left by the scp truck.

The Cloud News Channel

  • Right below the green screen where the weatherman is.

At The Grocer

  • From the start, go to the bottom left.

Dust Devil Crossroad

  • From the start, go to the right and follow the train tracks upward.

He will be on the left! Snow on him. (Do not rain) or you will fail the level.


  • Before you grab the purple orb. Move up from starting point. He is standing the open.


  • Move right, he is in the open on top of a bus stop.

The last four are all found in the overworld of the game.

South of “Shepard” level

  • Right Below The “Shepard” Level. Hit The Rock With Thunder To Find The Hooman.

Island Hooman

  • From that previous hooman(#13), push straight north & he will be on the yellow island with a single house in the middle of the ocean.

Right below “Snow Theater”

  • He is standing in the overworld right below where you learn how to use snow.

North of “Tornado Theater”

  • In the overworld, right above the level where you learn how to use tornado.
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