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Knight Squad 2 - Farming Kills Guide (for Achievements, Weapon Skins and Slayer Unlock)

Written by ᙢᓰᒪḰᔕᖺᗩḰᗴ   /   Updated: Apr 19, 2021    

Farming kills for achievements, weapon skins and slayer unlock. Consistent 350+ kills per 5 mins.

Guide to Farming Kills

Setting Up

Set game mode to Gladiator and pick the third map on free for all.

Set the variants (make sure to set bots to easy and item spawn rate to fast).


Once in game stand where the bow spawns and make sure to anchor yourself where you always pick up the bow (otherwise bots will try and go for it killing you in the process). If you position yourself just right you can get all three arrows into the area

Congratulations you can now enjoy a podcast, video or the extensional dread of pressing one button for 5 mins or just use an auto clicker