Witch It – Scaling Cursed Ruins without a Hook

This guide should teach players how to scale a large building that causes trouble during the early stages of the game.


Body Slam

  • For this feat, you will need the Body Slam hunter ability for better air control. Pair this with anything of your choosing.

Third-Person Mode*

* This is only needed to reach the top smoother. If you choose to do first person, you will be met with the same result but may fail easier. First person limits vision and line of sight.

Understanding Body Slam Physics

Body Slam has a passive that grants hunters the following perks:

  • 50% Higher Jumps
  • 600% increased mobility in the air

Why is this needed?

Body slam’s air mobility increase will allow you to turn, sway (fly), and motion towards the proper checkpoints of scaling the structure. Without it, you can only really do this with a hook or a ton of patience.

Body slam offers the player a smoother experience when moving in the air. Without it, your mobility in the air suffers drastically. See below for a side by side video comparison.

How to Scale The Tower

Here is a full video on how you should scale the tower. Start to finish!

I hope this video helps whoever may need it! Cheers and I hope to see more hunters at the peak of the tower. Meet you there!

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