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Genshin Impact - Mondstadt: Daily Crystal Chunks Mining Route

Written by Mizuna35   /   Updated: April 13, 2021    

Daily Crystal Chunks Mining Route Guide

Everyday some crystal chunks respawn in random location. For Monstadt it's respawn in 6 location, 3 location you can ask to blacksmith in Mondstadt and 3 other location you have to look for yourself. In this guide I will help you to know the other location.

First, ask Wagner in Mondstadt about tips on finding ore in Mondstadt. After some dialogue, he will mark 3 location in your map.

Figure 1. Blacksmith.

This is all routes for the crystal chunk depend mark location by blacksmith:

First Route

  • Mark Location: Between 1 - 6
  • Other Respawn Location: 7 - 8

In this route sometime it give 5 or 6 location. If you want you can check the other one location between 1 - 6 beside the mark location.

Figure 2. Example Mark Location.

Figure 3. Crystal Chunk Possible Location.

Figure 4. Crystal Chunk Possible Location.

Second Route

  • Mark Location: 7 & 8
  • Other Respawn Location: 9 - 11

Figure 5. Mark Location.

Figure 6. Crystal Chunk Possible Location.

Third Route

  • Mark Location: Between 12 - 19
  • Other Respawn Location: Just check all location between 12 - 19

Figure 7. Example Mark Location.

Figure 8. Crystal Chunk Possible Location.

Written by Mizuna35.