The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – How to Play The Hidden Monster Co-Op Mode

How to play the hidden co-op mode that lets the second player play as a monster.

What It Is

So there’s a hidden mode within the game that lets the second player play as a random monster in every room. They cant really do much except sorta move around and shoot, but its there.

Bosses can also be controlled but you cant do any attacks. you can just move around slowly.

This is kinda buggy fair warning.

How to Play

So basically u just gotta start a game normally, grab a secondary controller, and hold down all the bumpers and triggers before pressing the normal join button (start on most controllers).

Also this is very buggy and weird and was probably implemented as like a precursor to true co-op before they actually added in true coop. But you can still access it ig.

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