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Valheim - How to Transport Items and Loots Easier (Using the World)

Written by Ultimate   /   Apr 24, 2021    

Quick guide on how to transport items and loots easier (Works with metal ores) or being overweight with items.

Guide to Transport Items and Loots


Step 1

First you have to choose your main character then get some necessary items like axe or wood which you will need to build a shack and some chests.

Step 2

Create a new world and name it anything you like then start it with your main character.

Step 3

In the new world find a good spot to build a shack like in the picture below and add some chests, workbench, maybe a forge if you need to repair your metal weapons and tools, no need for a bed since where ever you logout you spawn at the same spot.

If everything is done now you can logout.

Step 4

Now in this step i am gonna explain how to transport items from the world you play on, for example (scrap iron), some items cant be teleported like ores.

So when ever you want to teleport the items just logout at the spot to join the new world you created then put items that you want to transport in the chests and you can use the workbench or forge if you want after that simply logout again, join back to the world you are playing then go to the portal or the place you want to be, once there just logout again and join the new world back to take the items from chests and again log back to the other world. So all you did is you moved items from one world to the another and back again.

Note: It works on other worlds too, you can transport items between the worlds even.

Written by Ultimate.

Game:   Valheim