Robocraft – Curse F-66 Owner’s Manual

For all Robocrafters that have purchased the Curse F-66 Fighter Jet.
This is the Offical guide for how to fly your plane.

A Little Bit of History

All credit goes to Vixloi!

Let’s start with some history of the plane you are flying. The most current and up to date of the F-66 Series is the Tekin model. This model is the 8th generation and is most likely the model you are flying today. It all started with the original Curse F-66, just another flying machine in the sky. It was a small, but a fast little flyer, but had potential to become something bigger. Equipped with Plasma Bombarders, it packed a punch. But, easily taken down by lock-on weapons and enemy aircraft, it didn’t last long.

  • A little more tougher, the 2nd generation Curse F-66 Centra was able to withstand a bit more damage. 
  • Then, the first jet of its line, came the 3rd generation Curse F-66 Delta, equipped with Proto-Seekers to take down enemy aircraft. First jet to have turbo stop braking system and pitch thrusters. 
  • 4th generation Curse F-66 Foxtrot, the heavyweight of the jet line, could take a serious beating and withstand enemy fire. First jet to have shields 
  • 5th generation Curse F-66 Echo, first jet to be equipped with Plasa Devastators and classified as a multirole fighter jet. 
  • 6th generation Curse F-66 Charlie, first jet to be equipped with Carbon 6 Cheetah Thrusters and Albatross rear rudders. 
  • 7th generation Curse F-66 Tranco, first jet to be equipped with LOML Stingers and full body sheilds. 
  • 8th generation Curse F-66 Tekin (Current), first jet to be equipped with Legendary Plasma Goliathon, Legendary Ghost Module, Leopard Braking System, and roll thrusters.

Information and Statistics

Robocraft - Curse F-66 Owner's Manual

Current Statistics for the Latest Model

This section can help you know more about your plane and what it is capable of.

Model: Curse F-66 Tekin Multirole Fighter Jet

  • CPU: 1,999
  • Damage Boost: 0.04%
  • Base Heath: 1,582
  • Heath Boost: 5.01%
  • Total Heath: 1,661
  • Shields: 14
  • Total Shield Heath: 831,600
  • Thrusters: 14
  • Base Speed: 260 MPH
  • Speed Boost: 11.18%
  • Top Speed: 289 MPH
  • Mass: 3,033 kg
  • Length: 30 blocks
  • Height: 19.5 blocks
  • Width: 25 blocks
  • WIngs: 2 main wings, 4 side rudders, 2 steering rudders.

Weapons: LOML Stinger, Leg. Plasma Goliathon

  • Stinger Max Missles (Full Energy): 7 
  • Goliathon Max Shots (Full Energy): 5

Modules: Leg. Ghost Module

  • Ghost Mod. Cloak TIme (Full Energy): 12.7 seconds 

Cosmetics (Not in CRF):

  • Headlamp, 
  • Curse Holoflag 
  • x4 Carbon 6 blocks 
  • x3 Carbon 6 Cheetah Thrusters 
  • Full glass cockpit 

Cosmetic Placement Show Below

Robocraft - Curse F-66 Owner's Manual
Robocraft - Curse F-66 Owner's Manual
Robocraft - Curse F-66 Owner's Manual

How to Fly!

Finally, it’s is time you knew how to fly this bird of prey.
Their are a few Control Changes to make it easier to fly your plane.
Go To > Esc > Controls > Move Down > Change Keyboard key to LFTSHIFT

Your plane is classed as a multi-role figter jet, which means you have more than one jobs in battle. Your first and uttermost priority is to take down and destroy enemy aircraft, any plasma bombing comes after their are no aircraft that you can detect or see. Be aware of your surroundings.

Taking Off

Your plane is equipped with rapid-takeoff boosters, meaning you don’t need a ‘runway’ to take off. Simply hold space and W to fly vertical in the air, when you are gained enough altitude, hold shift to level out.

How to Take Down Enemy Aircraft

It can be difficult to take down an enemy aircraft, but a majority of the time it is a weaker plane or helicopter. Usually, you can lock on with your LOML and bring them to the ground, and finish the off with plasma, but their are a few exceptions to how you take on a tougher enemy. Beware of Lock on Weapons. Lock on weapons on small planes is uncommon, but for a helicopter and larger planes it’s common, so beware when aproaching. If you have been locked onto (with missles from enemy aircraft) you can easily win if you play your cards right. First, make sure you have a lock onto their aircraft, then fire only a few missles. Before the enemy missles hit you, press the loadout key 3 to activate your Ghost Mod, and this should automaticly disable the lock on your plane. The enemy missles will fly right by. Repeat and destroy.

Plasma Bombing

After you have cleared the skies and control the air, it’s time for some ‘air support’. Try and strike small/unshielded bots, for they are easy kills. Help a friend if he/she has low heath. If a enemy is low on heath target them, destroy them, then return, heal, and strike again. Use the method of ‘run and gun’. This means you fly in at a low altitude, hit hard, and then do a quick U-turn back to your side. This means you are hard to hit and will be able to regain heath on your side. It is OK to run if you are low on heath. Heal and strike again. This method is effective and keeps you from dying. (Mostly) High altitude bombing is not very effective, and does less damage then ‘run and gun’, but lessens your chance of getting taken down by ground troops.

How to deal with Aflak and Snipers

Mostly, you would want to rely on your ground folk to take out Aflak and Snipers. But, if you are in a battle and you can’t wait for your friends, here is how to do it. Aflak can be deadly, but can be dealt with. Remeber, you can always run, heal, and strike again. The first way to take down Aflak/Sniper is to wait for the enemy with Aflak/Sniper to be disracted with one of your teamates. Use the ‘Run and Gun’ method to take down his heath. Once he is low on heath, stick around to finish him/her off. When running away from Aflak or Snipers, fly low and use the terrian to your advantage, try and get out of their line of sight. You can also use this method when trying to get close. The second way to deal with Aflak/Snipers is to sneak up on him/her. Try and get as close as you can without being detected. Try flying high or on the very sides of the map. When close, activate the Ghost Mod with 3 key, then fly overhead. Strike when ready, then run, heal, and repeat.

Useful Maneuvars

These Maneuvars can help or save your life in battle.

  • Fly straight up: Hold Space and W 
  • Evade Snipers/Aflak: Turn back and forth, up and down with A, D, Space, and Shift in a random order. Do not hold the keys for a long period of time when evading (or you’ll turn or go up or whatever) 
  • Flying backwards: Hold S, steer with A and D. The Controls are inverted. 
  • Hover/Float: Hold S till you come to a stop. You will float downwards slowly. Hold shift to decend faster. Useful for getting under bridges or camping a low heath enemy. 
  • Fast Turning: When turning at max angle on either side, press/hold space to make a sharp turn. 
  • Hiding: When you have been shot down and are low on heath, use your thrusters to move yourselft away and use the Ghost Mod (key 3) to get off the radar.
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