Hyforge – Starter Guide

An introductory guide to others interested in play-testing or experimentation with Hyforge.

Guide to Start

All credit goes to Big N\' Deezl!

Map So Far

This is a poor quality map I drew in MS paint. It is not to scale or anything, but it does illustrate the key points you’ll want to be familiar with for playing and exploring Hyforge.

  • You begin in the Crypt. This is also where you will be “respawned” upon death. There is a chest directly behind the crypt building.
  • Forest Dungeon 1, 2, and Giant’s Head dungeon are the three locations I have found so far. They are randomly generated upon entering them. Giant’s Head dungeon is much bigger than the other two. There is a chest out front of GH dungeon.
  • The Gate is what the name implies. A giant gate. Harguf is a named character who can be found standing around the gate with a handful of other NPCs. He eludes to upcoming story content when you speak to him.
  • The pilgrim is basically the sole source of direction so far. She tells you to stick to the road (brown path) in order to reach the town.
  • The town is full of NPCs who elude to other story content. Beyond it, you can see the ship they mention off in the Ocean. Harloid is a merchant that will buy your excess items and sell you spells, weapons, armor, and consumables.
  • I have yet to explore the eastern parts of the Island.

Exploration, Survival, and Enemies


The world of Hyforge is pretty big. I encourage you to run as much as possible in order to level your athletics skill asap. This will increase your maximum stamina, thus allowing you to run for longer. Be careful however of running in dungeons. The most common way I have taken damage in dungeons is by running down a hall or around a corner and being caught by a monster’s attack.

In the current build, you can walk/run up a lot of the mountains and hills you would not expect to be able to. There are some very sheer walls that wont let you climb them, like in the Stone Canyon area. It helps getting around and exploring to do this.


Invest in the heal spell and health potions (sold by Harloid) early. The heal spell is 150 Vesos and health potions are 10 Vesos each. Harloid carries 10 health potions (as well as Majika) at a time. Majika potions are 15 Vesos, which may seem overpriced until you see how much health the heal spell restores. It is much more potent than health potions, but you need to equip it in order to use it.

You’ll find a great deal of armor during your dungeon runs (Giant’s head has a ton of chests in it,) so don’t worry about buying any. However, I haven’t ever seen a shield drop in a chest, so you may need to buy one from Harloid if you want to use one.


I have encountered five different enemy types so far:

  • Zombies: Humanoids. Slow movement and easy to kill. Found in the Crypt area and in all dungeons.
  • Skull-Crabs: Hermit crabs that use skulls on their back. Crouch by using CTRL to hit them effectively. Found around the river outside of town, and in both Forest dungeons.
  • Rats: It had a name. Seriously though these things are very aggressive and in packs will kill you. Make sure you crouch and don’t let them surround you.
  • Ghouls: Faster and more aggressive than zombies. Same general humanoid silhouette.
  • Werewolves: Big hulking bipedal Wolves. Surprisingly timid and easy to deal with. Maybe they’re peaceful and I’m the bad guy for attacking them.


This is really just a placeholder for now, until the mechanics of the game are fully fleshed out and tightened up. As of right now I can say that the basic iron sword is my favorite. With good positioning it is capable of hitting multiple targets, has a good attack speed, and doesn’t take up a ton of room on your screen. There are a surprsing number of weapon options though, and they are for the most part all very cool looking (The Oak staff in particular) and have cool attack animations.

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