Trawel – Alchemy Guide

The official guide to alchemy in witch huts, using drawbanes.

Guide to Alchemy


The basics of alchemy are just popping drawbanes in a cauldron at a witch hut, and then finalizing it to get a potion out. But this can be more complicated when you don’t know what potions are available.

It doesn’t matter what order you put the drawbanes in- each potion has it’s own preset priority. For example, transmutation occurs before potions.

There’s also the matter of how many uses a potion has- this is equal to the number of relevant ingredients plus the amount of filler ingredients (apples, wood, or wax). Note that wood has a chance of ruining your potion, so use it wisely!

Transmutation and Priority Potions

1 Ent Core + 2 Meat

  • Summons a flesh golem which drops a beating heart.

1 Virgin + 1 Blood

  • Bloody Mary. Bleeding enemies that attack you heal you.

1 Eon Stone + X Silver

  • X Gold.

1 Eon Stone + 2 Wood

  • Ent Core.

Wood out of 10 chance of ruining your potion.

Normal Potions

1 Wax + 1 Honey

  • Bee Shroud. Stings foes in battle.

1 Mimic Guts + 1 Telescope

  • Telescopic. Attacks gain accuracy based on how slow they are.

1 Mimic Guts + 1 Bat Wing

  • Reactive Aim. When you are attacked, your accuracy increases.

1 Living Flame + 1 Food

  • Forged. Increases battle hp and restores armor over time.

3 Food

  • Hearty. Increases battle hp.

1 Bat Wing

  • Haste. Increases combat attack speed.

If a potion has not been made by this point, you get a cursed potion instead, which lowers battle hp.

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