Draconia – Basic Guide

Another basics guide for Draconia to help you getting started!

Before You Play

Character Creation

First of all, you can choose a species and create your character with a lot of options, from patterns with individually changeable colors, body attachments like different horns or tailtips, accessoires and war paints.

Once your characters look is done, you can name it and, if you desire, give it one of over 100 titles added by Devs and Backers!

Now with your new friend ready to go, you can explore the world on your own or with friends. Official servers are not a thing yet, but any player can host a session any other player can join. Provided they did not set a password!

I will not put screenshots of the map itself here, it would ruin the adventure before it begins.

Basic Needs

Your character has basic needs: hunger and thirst. You’ll have to keep an eye on those or your new friend will die! Death is not permament though, you won’t loose your character and can simply respawn. Some food items can be picked up and you can enjoy your meal elsewhere.

Appart from that you’ll loose stamina while moving. To regenerate that and health after a little PvP fight, you can rest or get comfortable and take a nap.

Here you see the HUD provided by one of my Yggaron!

  • Red: Health
  • Green: Hunger
  • Blue: Thirst
  • Orange: Stamina
  • Bright Blue: Experience (not used yet)
  • Purple: Likely Mana (not used yet)

Photo Mode

If you want to take nice screenshots and get your character into the best light, you can use the photo mode! It lets you set the distance and focus, colors, brightness and in singleplayer even the daytime as you wish to take the perfect shots! It works in both, singleplayer and multiplayer, but the first is better and safer.

What’s Playable?

Main Species (2 of 6)

  • Vodros, shadow element (European Dragon).
  • Yggaron, poison element (Lindworm).


  • Golem.
  • Griffin (Backer-Species).

Playable in the future

  • Yamati, water element (Eastern/Asian Dragon)
  • Fyrrwin, fire element (Wyvern)
  • Tecal, light element (Questzalcoatl, (not Questzalcoatlus))
  • Gaulung, earth element (Behemoth)
  • Kirin
  • Stoneback
  • possibly Ka’Sai

Note that backer species or items are not exclusive to the backers. There will be no exclusives!

Current Controls

Most common controls

  • Walk: W A S D
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Fly: F
  • Interact: E or E+Left Click


  • Primary attack: Left Click
  • Secondary attack: Right Click

Little extras

  • Roaring: V
  • Resting: H
  • Sleeping: J
  • Inventory : I
  • Nightvision: N
  • Photo Mode: P
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