Rocket League – Strategy Guide (1v1s)

The most forgotten (and most important) part of 1v1s.

Guide to Strategy

All credit goes to Skurt Cobain!

The Winning Strategy

Since you don’t have any friends to play Rocket League with and you don’t want to ruin the life of a random stranger that you would get teamed up with in duos, the only option for you is to play the 1v1-mode. Maybe you have even seen some Youtube-videos with tips and tricks on how to play 1v1s and win against your opponent. Maybe these Youtube-videos even claim that 1v1s are in fact EASIER than the other game-modes, and that you will be able to rank up quickly if you just stop being a b*tch and instead learn to do ultra-advanced aerial flips that will literally obliterate the mind of your opponent and unable him from even making one goal against you even if he has the intellect of Stephen Hawking (And yes I mean the IQ-part, not the sickness forcing you to sit in a chair your whole life (even though that is probably a pretty good explanation of most pro RL-players)).

But you soon realize that the promise of a quick rank-up to Supersonic Legend was not true at all; you are still stuck in Diamond and if you once have the luck to rank up to Champion you quickly get shut down. The ultra-advanced aerial flips that would make everything so easy don’t even seem to work since the movements of the car in air can’t be “fine-tuned” using your PS4-controller (Keyboard Master Race btw). Something just seems wrong, and you start to ask yourself: Am I the problem? Everytime you get to Champ your opponents just seem to dodge every move you make. Even if you actually think through your moves well and make sure that they are very hard to predict, the higher ranked players just seem to be able to see every button you are about to press.

What you may not realize at this point is that you have already found the secret. The number one secret that pro-players in Rocket League are hiding from you is that they can read minds. It might sound impossible for a rational mind, but why would these top-ranked players just beat you without any logic? Mind-reading really is the only logical explanation! It can’t be that they have actually put more time in the game than you and trained actual strategies, that just sounds like nonsense to me.

To become the absolute best at 1v1 all you really have to do is learn to read minds. Ever since I taught myself to do it, the game has actually become boring because it is so easy to get to the highest rank. I should really start playing in real esports-tournaments where you can win real money, I dont know why I haven’t thought of that before….

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