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NieR Replicant - How to Unlock FPS (Without the Game Speeding Up)

Written by Ace   /   Updated: April 26, 2021    

This is just a small guide and to inform you that it is possible to play the game with uncapped fps and not have all the animation be extremely fast.

Guide to Unlock FPS


Disclaimer: The game hasn't been played through with this mod, so there might be some issues down the line if you play further into the game, that is currently unknown!

If you play with a controller, the movement might feel a little off since the file intervenes with the directional movement. If this still doesnt bother you you can go ahead.

  • I tried it for me and it works just fine, if there are some problems, then you should take a look at the nexusmods page.

How to install

  • Download the .zip file and extract both "dinput8.dll" aswell as "dinput8.ini".
  • Open your NieR Replicant directory, you can either.

Go into your steam library, right click on the game, hit properties, local files and then there should be a button to open it up called "browse local files".

Or just search on your installation hard drive for \Steam\steamapps\common\NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

  • Put both "dinput8.dll" aswell as "dinput8" into the folder (where the .exe is).

Optional: go into "dinput8.ini" and set your fps cap to whatever you want it to be.

Enjoy this masterpiece in uncapped fps.

Written by Ace.