GTA 5 – Leonora Johnson Letter Scraps Waypoint Guide (Story Mode)

This is a picture guide for all the way point locations necessary to visit in order to find the Leonora Johnson letter scraps that can be found from the very second the player gains control of Franklin. Please note that the branding Image for this guide is simply a place holder at the moment.

Guide to Leonora Johnson Letter Scraps Waypoint


Please refer to the aforementioned guide for tips on how to farm money throughout the campaign in order to profit while making the most out of what the GTA V storyline has to offer.

The contents of this guide consist of the various way point locations and a short list of location descriptions in order to better assist players when it comes to locating the LJ letter scraps.

Los Santos City Letter Scrap Locations

Find the way point indicator in each screenshot and go to the location described to find the letter scraps.

This letter scrap is the closest to Franklins’ house. It’s located just southwest of the house, look in the parking lot and climb onto the dumpster. The scrap is on top of the trash.

This letter is found on the back porch of the house that Lamar, Franklin and Trevor go to for the mission that involves buying dry wall. It’s in the old Grove Street neighborhood from San Andreas.

The letter scrap in this location is on a dry docked boat called the Oliphantus. Board the boat and climb the stairs, at the far end of the bridge deck is the piece of paper.

Go to the Pillbox Hill Construction Site, enter the ground floor of the larger skyscraper, look for the yellow crane footing and climb to the top of the crane, once you’ve reached the top, climb even higher onto the antenna. The letter scarp is there, p.s. be careful not to fall off without the parachute.

The letter scrap is found inside a cement form at the construction site. Use the location marked by the way point in order to properly navigate to the site. A little further south and it will instruct the player to arrive at the freeway on ramp.

Go to the marked location, climb the stairs, find the letter scrap on near the bbq.

Go two blocks north to find the next letter scrap. It is located in an area in east Vinewood called Hawick. There is a half-pipe located on top of an “Element” skate shop clone. Climb the stairs behind the building and look for the letter in the middle of the half pipe.

This letter scrap is located underneath the overpass and at the end of the middle opening. (The area is accessibly if the player drives down the hill immediately behind the Mirror Park Convenience Store)

To find the letter scrap, climb the stands and look behind the 3rd row of the middle section.

The letter scrap is located on the bridge walkway on the arch closest to Los Santos Customs. (Ignore the blue mission indicator)

The letter scrap is located underneath the road in the train tunnel. Travel due south from Ammu-nation and turn right onto the train tracks and right again to back track to the intersection and right again to enter the train tunnel going due north. The letter should be located in the third alcove to the left.

The letter scrap in this location is found on top of the cargo containers. Climb to the top of the closest freight hauler and jump down onto the stack of containers. The letter can then be accessed by jumping across the container gaps.

The letter scrap is located in the largest warehouse on the purchasable Scrap yard property. Go into the building and on the right wall facing into the building is half of a bus, the letter is inside the bus.

This letter scrap is found at the airport. Drive to the bottom deck and get out of the car. The letter is to the right of where the door might be if you could go inside.

To access this letter scrap, steal a plane or small jet from the airport then cruise at a very low speed into the circular platform at the airport. Make sure to jump out of the plane while it’s moving very slowly in order to prevent it from exploding while you bail out. The letter scrap is located on top of the round platform. (Using a parachute or helicopter works nicely as well.)

Go the the canal overpass that is located nearest to the cousin whose house Trevor takes over, under the over pass on a barricade in the canal is the scrap of paper.

This letter scrap is found inside one of the bowls at the Vespucci Beach skate park.

To find this letter scrap, walk to the end of the pier and climb the stairs attached to the building on the players left while facing the end of the pier. Mount the stairs and walk across a small bridge, to find the letter littering the ground.

Go to the Richard Majestic studios, climb the short gate near the northern entrance, sneak up and sneak attack a guard if necessary, directly south of the gate is a ladder that should be visible, climb on to the roof and run across the buildings. The letter scrap will be on a lower platform at the far end, drop down onto the letter side then climb back over and up to escape. Wait for the wanted level to disappear then just jump over the side of the studios.

This letter scrap is located on the little island in the graveyard across from the golf course.

Head up the winding road to the place where Michael meets with his FIB handlers. There is a maze on the west side of the complex. Enter the Kortz Center then take a right in the courtyard to find the maze. It’s in the north east corner, I found it by taking all lefts from the entrance nearest the stairs.

The Pacific Bluffs resort is located just south of Chumash. Park in the lot then head around to the back. The letter scrap will be on the Tiki bar.

Check the second house on the players left when entering the extravagant cul-de-sac behind the Vinewood Hills lake reservoir. The letter scrap is found in the small outbuilding near the pool in the back of the property.

Park at either entrance to the dirt paths shown on the map and continue to the dead end. The letter scrap is just to the right of the wooden kiosk next to the wooden fence and a nice viewpoint.

Go the the Vinewood sign in Vinewood Hills. Climb the ladder attached to the ‘I’ in V’I’newood, find your reward at the top.

Outlying LS Scraps

Exit LS through the north western highway through the mountains. The letter scrap is found in front of a sign board at the next major pull off on the players right. There is a large fruit stand there as well.

Continue north until the player hits the next major highway, then head east and stop at the next road overpass just east of the Ammunation. The letter scrap is found underneath the overpass.

Travel to the north east corner of Grapeseed and enter the second set of white tents. The letter scrap is located near the middle of the tent. (On the map screen, it will appear as being part of the first row of tents)

Galilee is found just east of Grapeseed, turn off at the outlet with a bunch of buildings and quays. There is a Stranger and Freak to meet during the day who dances to country music on a radio. The letter scrap is located underneath a covered work shop area attached to a building near the docks, something like the second on the left maybe.

Continue east, until the player is at the north western corner of the Alamo Sea, there is a rocky bulge, the letter scrap is located on the south end of the bulge down near the water line.

Look inside the empty pool at the hotel that Trevor has sniper practice at.

Crash, or park a larger vehicle next to the giant boulder at the Senora Desert Airstrip, on the northern side is a ledge clearly meant for the player to grab on to. Summit the rock and find the letter scrap at the top.

Go to the Redwood Lights track that is being built and check the center of the circular structure for the next letter scrap.

Just west of the airstrip is a small rock quarry and crushing operation. Drive into the property, climb the ladder attached to the main building and check the roof for the next letter scrap.

Go to the church in Great Chapparal that has the Blue Dot encounter with the bride to be who bails on the wedding. The letter scrap is located in the graveyard behind the church.

Head to the area where Trevor finds his second reprobate and look behind the bill board at the far end of the triangular property. The letter scrap is behind the board.

Just south of this location is a hidden mine. The letter is located near the entrance.

Travel north east along the coast from the Port area to find an island with a letter scrap on it. (It’s located almost due east from the east LS freeway entrance)

Travel due north from this location until the player finds two more rocky outcroppings near what looks like a coastal power plant. Check the rock island that is furthest to the north.

Just to the north of the power plant island location is a hidden cove, the letter scrap is on a sand bar on the left side of the cave.

Again, continue north along the coast, until the player finds a red and white striped lighthouse. Climb the steps and check the back side for the letter scrap.

Along the upper north eastern edge of the LS highway, near the convenience store is a dirt round about. Check the north side of the larger wooden shack and the scrap will be inside the porch awning.

Across the street from the roundabout is the homeless encampment, go into the encampment and to the right, check the white tent that is now on the players left for the next letter scrap.

Behind the Paletto Bay Los Santos Customs shop is a dilapidated house. The letter scrap is found inside the mud room at the back of the building.

A few blocks south of the dilapidated house, is another house with a fenced patio built into the roof of the garage. Look for a staircase between the house and the garage. The letter scrap is located in the corner of the patio.

Ride the gondola lift up to the Mt. Chiliad summit and the letter scrap and a free parachute will be on the platform that the player ends up on.

Ride the gondola back down the mountain and head for the Saw mill location that Franklin later rescues Lamar from. The letter scrap is located at an intersection behind some trees. Go to the place marked on the map and look behind the small “fence” formed by the trees growing at the corner of the road.

From the gondola lift to Mt. Chiliad, drive up the back of the mountain to the radio tower at the top of the Altruist Cult camp for the next letter scrap.

On the south side of Raton Canyon is a relatively random boulder, the location where Michael first meets up with the Epsilons program members. Climb the boulder and find the letter scrap at the summit.

Check the river bank south of Fort Zancudo. The letter scrap is found near the water. Look for a finger of water that pierces the river bank.

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