Trawel – Guide to Building Forts and Using Drawbanes

This guide will help to understand building forts, using drawbanes.

How to Build Forts and Use Drawbanes


To start a fort, you must first purchase it from the fort hall. The fort hall is also where most of your interaction with the fort is going to take place.

You buy soldiers, foundations, and collect funds here.

Every 2 weeks your fort will be attacked- if you win, you get all of the attacker’s loot converted into gold and stored. If you lose, the attackers take all your gold you have in that fort.

Defensive rating decreases the first wave of attacks in each fight, while Offensive rating increases passive gold income (which ticks every 12 in game hours).

There are three tiers of foundation: small, medium, and large. Some buildings require a certain size, while others can be built in any size.

After purchasing a foundation with gold, you then need to provide it with a drawbane which will dictate what building will begin construction.


Wizard Tower

  • Eon Stone, Large Only.

Wizards have a battle skill and a downtime skill.


Look into the future and at distant lands. Downtime. Currently no effect.


Enchant armor and weapons. Downtime. Enchant a soldier’s equipment periodically.

Death Magic

Slay attackers with spells of death and decay. Battle. Provides magic attack support in battle.


Impair and expose attackers with elemental. Battle. Provides magic attack support in battle.


  • Living Flame, Medium Only

Smithing: Increase weapon and armor production speed.


  • Telescope, Any Size

Increases Defensive rating greatly, as well as a small amount of Offensive rating.

Hunter’s Den

  • Meat, Any Size

Increases Offensive rating, as well as a small amount of Defensive rating.

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