Foxhole – Great March Highway VS. Warden “Highway”

Logistic road time differences to Abandon Ward.

Guide to Road Time Differences

Basic Infomation

The Colonial’s main logistic hub is known as “The Blemish” located in The Heartlands.

  • Wide Tier III Highway to Abandon Ward.
  • Bulwark (Wall).
  • No Water logistic at the hub.

The Warden’s main logistic hub is known as “The Bloody Bowery” located in Viper Pit.

  • No actual “Highway”.
  • Mountainous environment.
  • Water logistic at the hub.

Blemish to Abandoned Ward (Drive Time)

  • Vehicle: Colonial Truck
  • Items: 1,500 basic materials
  • Destination: Blemish Storage depo to Abandoned Ward TH
  • Time: 5:50.

Kirknell to Abandoned Ward (Drive Time)

  • Vehicle: Warden truck.
  • Items: 1,500 basic materials.
  • Destination: Kirknell seaport to Abandoned Ward TH.
  • Time: 6:50.


On average on the road Colonials will make it to Abandoned Ward’s town hall one minute faster than the Wardens when it comes to the main logistic hubs.

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