Total War: Rome Remastered – How to Unlock All Factions, Tweak and Configure the Game

Short tips on how to unlock all Factions, Tweak and Configure TWRR to your liking.

Guide to Unlock All Factions, Tweak and Configure the Game

Unlock All Factions at Start

Click on the upper single gear icon inside the Feral Game Launcher (the one after you click “Play” on the TW Game Launcher:

Don’t Forget to Check the “Advanced Graphic Settings” Menu

Click on the gear icon in the basic graphic menu.

… to see the adv graphic menu page

The graphic config values are already all represented in the in-game adv graphic setting menu.

Where Is the Config File?

… the Config file can be found in

  • ~.AppDataLocalFeral InteractiveTotal War ROME REMASTEREDPreferences Data

as usual, any Text Editor will do. Lots of stuff to be found.

Where Is the In-Game Wiki?

… you might ask yourself (I did).

It is only ‘visible’ when you have Steam Overlay active. It uses the Steam Overlay to show you the local HTML pages of mentioned Wiki.

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