Home Sweet Home Survive – Survivors Guide

Guide to Survivors


  • HP – means how big health your character has.
  • Stamina – means how long distance your character can run before it get ‘tired’.
  • Expertise – means how big slow down you’ll have on skill checks to try perform perfect one. The highest expertise, the slowest skill check will be.
  • Incense – item that you need to start ritual.
  • Nail – second item you need to start praying on ritual.

By pressing ‘enter’ you can start to write in team chat. By pressing ‘y’ you’ll be able to write in ‘all chat’. Specter can see chat in ‘all chat’ so keep that in mind. Pressing ‘space’ will mark an item, rituals and inform team when you’ll start to pray on ritual. You can mark only one thing. By pressing ‘f’ you’ll mark Specter’s position.

How to Play Survivor

Every trial has 15 minutes. By ending rituals you can increase this timer.

When you start your match open all doors. It’ll mean Specter won’t be able to destroy them which will help you in later chases. If you played DbD you can compare doors to pallets. Try to find ritual items as fast as you can.

To start a ritual first you have to find incense. No one can help you with that part of ritual. You have to do it on your own. First part is fast so don’t worry, it won’t take long. Next you’ll need nail to start praying. In this part, your team can start to help. The more of you, the faster progress. At one ritual can pray max 3 survivors. If you find nail first instead of incense, go to ritual and drop it in front and mark ‘need incense here’.

Ok, let’s say you started ritual. Then do it on 98-99%. I see a lot of baby survivors doesn’t know why and keep asking or ending them. So… why is the best to 99 rituals?. Cuz you have only 4 of them. Killer will have way easier way to camp if you’ll end those. Also when you’re 99 and some of you will be hurt, you can end it fast and help survivor get his 50hp back.

Yes, all survivors are geting 50hp back after all rituals are done.

How to Fight Specter

What I see and what I was doing when I started this game? Survivors are trying to kill specter when there no rituals are done. It’s wrong. By ending rituals you’re making specter weaker and dealing him more damage. If you really wanna kill him, you can do it at 2 or 3 done rituals.

Every Ghost has 270HP. He can recover a little by killing survivors.

Specter also has perk called Last dance which gives him 50HP after killing survivors.

Damage you’re dealing per every done ritual

  • 0 rituals = 1% of damage
  • 1 ritual = 10% of damange
  • 2 rituals = 50% of damage
  • 3 rituals = 100% of damage

Weapons damage (at 3 ended rituals)

  • Holy spring trap – 80
  • Chaplet – 40
  • Holy water – 15
  • Rattan – 10



Tim (original Chadchai Tubloy) is the main character of original Home sweet home games. We’re playing him through all episodes I and II.

  • HP: 2
  • Stamina: 3
  • Expertise: 2

Perk: Tim’s perk is called Nona-Metal Knife which allows him to stun the specter for 3 seconds. For those who played HSH this knife should be familiar. Tim was using it to slow down and kill demons. In HSHS he can throw it or just attack. It’s your choice. Perk activates per every 25 seconds if Tim is not holding any item. It’s really helpfull if you need to make a little distance or just help chased team mate.

I think Tim is for more experienced survivors as his stamina and hp are kinda low. His perk also needs player’s practice to use correctly.


Jane (original Nitharinya Tubloy) is also survivor who’s well known for original HSH players. She’s Tim’s wife that went missing and we’re looking for through all gameplay.

  • HP: 1
  • Stamina: 4 (max)
  • Expertise: 3

Perk: Jane’s perk is called Second Chance which allows her to self-resurrect 90 seconds after death and if her sould isn’t picked. If other survivor will resurrect her, Jane is back with full HP. If she’ll self-resurrect she’s back with half HP as all survivors.

To me Jane is great choice for beginers. Maybe her HP isn’t high but her stamina can help run as long as you can. Her perk also helps with learning game without being afraid of fast dying after resurrect.


Nipa is a student of high school only for girls. When she was younger she almost drowned which made her body weak. Cuz of that accident she got Sixth Sense which helps her with demons.

  • HP: 1
  • Stamina: 2
  • Expertise: 3

Perk: Nipa’s perk is called Sixth Sense and it allows her to see specter’s aura when it’s in invisible form. Also she’ll see ping of specter’s location per every 5 seconds.

Is Nipa good? Have no idea, never played her.

Uncle Pae

Uncle Pae is a security guy who also loves to help others. That’s why he’s loved by his friends.

  • HP: 2
  • Stamina: 4 (max)
  • Expertise: 1

Perk: Pae’s perk is called Not alone and it shows him auras of all survivors at every distance.

I believe Uncle Pae is the best choice for begginers. He’s stamina is high and hp’s not bad too. His perk can help you to find your team mates and stick with them which sometimes can be really helpfull. Also you can see what others are doing. The only one negative in him is low expertise which make your skill checks will go really fast. But it’s not big issue.


Yuri is Thai-Japanese blogger who loves supernatural things. It cost her a lot of troubles with evil spirit that started to hunt her.

  • HP: 2
  • Stamina: 2
  • Expertise: 3

Perk: Yuri’s perk is called Flash Shutter which allows her to completely blind specter for 5 seconds. Perk activates per every 25 seconds if Yuri is not holding any item. It’s really helpfull if you need to make a little distance or just help chased team mate.

In my opinion Yuri is a really good survivor for all kind of players.


Ong is the leader of a motorcycle gang. He’s not afraid to die cuz of his tattoo. That allows him to win every race he participate in.

  • HP: 4 (max)
  • Stamina: 1
  • Expertise: 1

Perk: Ong’s perk is called Berserker which allows him to deal extra 5 damage for every weapon when he’s HP is below to 50%

Ong is great for tanking damage as he has the highest HP of all survivors. But I think he’s only for experienced players as his stamina is going down really fast.


Aof is first licensed character added to Home Sweet Home Survive. He comes from Thai TV show called Bring it on, Ghost.

  • HP: 2
  • Stamina: 2
  • Expertise: 3

Perk: Aof’s perk is called Let’s fight ghost which allows him to deal 10 damage to specter after not holding any item of 10 seconds. If this perk is not in cooldown when Aof successfully attacks the specter with a chaplet, the attack will also stun.

As Yuri, to me Aof is good for all survivors. He’s amazing for end game when you and your team decide to exorcise the specter.

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