Resonance Of Fate – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Resonance Of Fate game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • You level up via types of weapons. Therefore it is optimal to constantly keep switching guns/grenades between party members so you keep leveling constantly.
  • Jumping is your friend, as lots and lots of enemies are only truly vulnerable from overhead or behind them etc.
  • If you have a mission to escort a thing damage stays between rooms with no way to repair short of paying an absurd penalty to repair it. Basically, if you can’t progress, quit level/up gun, and try again with better strategy.
  • Starting at Chapter 6 you can make infinite money. One of the items you can craft (wanna say beta scopes) sells for a bit less than it costs to forge and the parts can be bought in infinite supply from the traveling salesman. Don’t hesitate to exploit this, shit is expensive.
  • Any quest must be completed in the chapter you receive it or it is gone forever. Want the reward? Do the quest.
  • You can equip 10 scopes to a gun and they will all give you a bonus. A fully tricked out gun at the end should have dozens of scopes, clips, grips and barrels.

  • As for what to buy, early on you should focus on adding charge speed attachments to your weapons (Compact Scope alpha/beta are good), and later on boost charge accel using barrels. You don’t need to buy the expensive weapon that’s for sale right away.
  • For most battles, you should do a hero action that sends one character to the far left corner, and the same with another character to the right corner. Then do a tri-attack. If you want more resonance points, send the 3rd character right between the other 2 (instead of starting a tri-attack), and then next turn send him/her back to the starting position.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles in your characters’ paths before starting a tri-attack. The larger your triangle is, the longer your tri-attack will last. Having more resonance points will make it last even longer.
  • Jumping before you start an attack is always useful since you get a chance to break off body parts and restore the hero gauge.
  • While it’s useful to switch weapons around your party to level up faster, high levels in a particular weapon mean the charge skills you get are more likely to activate. SMGs get a very useful ability to instantly fill scratch damage on body armour and at high levels it can really help with taking our bosses.
  • When upgrading guns charge speed decreases the charge time of your first shot, charge acceleration determines how much faster each subsequent shot will charge.
  • The arena near the starting city has a battle tutorial which is very helpful, combat is unique so it’s nice to get used to it before it matters!
  • You can only do a hero run attack/tri attack if you have a bezel left, and each action uses one. You get bezels back when you kill an enemy or break a piece of their armour. Also you can’t be damaged while running, and regenerate scratch damage (blue damage) while doing a tri attack so you can use it to heal during hard fights.
  • Handguns can gauge break, the enemies health bar will be split into parts each time you do it. Of you then damage them to that point you will get a bezel back. This is great for bosses and strong enemies, but pretty pointless for most battles. Gauge break also stuns the enemy for a while, so you can beat on them easier.

  • SMGs do scratch damage, you have to use handguns or grenades to turn it into permenant damage.
  • Grenades, especially elemental ones, are great against tough enemies. The elemental ones all add useful status effects. There are also special gasuge breaking grenades you can buy at the arena, they can be useful for tough enemies.
  • You can jump with any character during a tri attack, just hit square before they shoot. You can use this to try attack through obstacles or enemies if you are quick.
  • A lot of drops come from destroying the body armour before you destroy their main health bar. Killing an enemy directly or killing the leader reduces the drops you’ll get (but is quicker so depends on your situation whether you should break all their armour or not)
  • The side missions you get at the guild can only be completed during the current chapter. The game will prompt you when it’s going to move to the next chapter, so if you want to finish them all don’t move ahead.
  • The arena is a good place to get a lot of components, but can be quite tedious. Do it in bursts, and you only need to do 3 fights in a rank to move onto the next rank.
  • If you connect a terminal to a dungeon, the dungeon will get all the effects of the terminals.
  • You need lots of coloured energy hexes to set up a decent terminal network so don’t worry about them until later in the game. Exception: There’s an ice theme dungeon early on that has an increase fire damage terminal near it. You should be able to activate it then and it really helps.
  • Don’t go too crazy uncovering the map at the start. It is where you’ll get most of your items for the first chapter or two, but you can easily leave yourself short on certain hex shapes if you go nuts. And since you can’t place a hex unless all it’s parts are inside the map, that can result in more waste.

  • Grenades won’t be plentiful for the first couple of chapters, so try and limit their use at the start. Special grenades will be best used on bosses, but once you have the ability to make or buy them, you can easily augment or replace a character’s arsenal with them.
  • There’s an exploit you can use early on where you can buy a bunch of components cheap, make some sights, then sell them off for more money than you originally paid. You can easily make billions in less than an hour. The game’s not too stingy with money, so there’s no real need to do it, but on the other hand, new guns can cost a small fortune, so if you’re going to do it, do it in moderation.
  • Don’t grind the Colosseum. It’s tedious, it can take forever to do and you won’t be in with a chance of getting anything more potent than ice cream for a long, long time. I’m not joking, it can kill your enthusiasm for the game quickly.
  • Yes, you most likely will spend hours playing dressup with your characters and tinkering your guns to see how many scopes, mags and barrels you can fit on one firearm. This is entirely natural and, in the case of the latter, a vital gameplay element. Just know that you can move the gun about on the schematic. It can help you squeeze in an extra scope or two.
  • And finally, you’ll occasionally encounter some fights (mostly optional ones) that feel utterly unfair, resulting in you getting your shit wrecked repeatedly. Don’t worry, it’s not so much that you suck, more that some fights can be utterly luck-based unless you’re overwhelmingly powerful. Feel free to skip those until right near the end of the chapter, you’ll probably need the extra damage and weapon bonuses just to be on an even level with them.
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