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R-Type Final 2 - First Launch Keyboard Buttons

Written by FreakeR   /   May 2, 2021    

Buttons to get you into the menu.

Keyboard Buttons


  • Spacebar - to confirm.
  • Q - to Cancel.
  • O - to skip intro cinematic.
  • Enter - to save changes.

Recommended quick video settings

  • Set display to Fullscreen (it defaults to borderless which may lag).
  • Turn off Vsync.
  • Set desired FPS.
  • Set game to display keyboard butons.

Glitches/workarounds as of version 1.0.1

When configuring keyboard controls, navigate to them with the keyboard. If you mouse over them, it may glitch and not allow you to scroll down to other buttons

If you get stuck on any password or name editing screens, where Q doesn't work, enter a blank entry then click enter. You should then be able to back out with Q.

Written by FreakeR.