Handy Harry’s Haunted House Services – Finding Your Way Around a Haunted House

How to figure out which general direction you’re facing anywhere on the map, some small house generation quirks, and finding out where the elevator is in any house!

How to Find Your Way Around a Haunted House

Getting Directions

To start off, we’re going to use the exit of the elevator as a starting point of where we are facing, the direction you’re facing when leaving the elevator will be considered north.

Pay close attention to the floor in these next two images from separate games.

The wood grain and planks are vertical to the elevator exit door, this is the same for every elevator and every house, meaning also that the elevator is always on the very south of the house.

using this you can generally tell your direction wherever you are in the house, for example, from this next screenshot alone you should be able to tell that I am either facing north, OR south. meaning further that the elevator is in generally in front of or behind me.

Keep this in mind for later.

House Generation Quirks

A few quick notes about house generation.

  • Every house is a perfect square on the outside, the walls of which I’ll be referencing.
  • Houses occasionally generate with long hallways along the West or South walls (mostly the west wall, going north).
  • Some areas in the house aren’t always accessible (but these areas aren’t important).

Even with the house being a perfect square not the entirety of it is explorable. there are sometimes corners or small rooms by the outer walls that are completely inaccessible.


Teleporting does not change your orientation, only your position, meaning if you are facing east, and then teleport, this will not change.

Getting Home Safe

The elevator always spawns on the exact corner of the South and West walls, Facing north (I’m not sure that this is true 100% for 6 player+ maps, but it should still be in this general area).

Since we know that the wood floor always is vertical from the elevator, and the elevator is always on the southmost wall.

When we look at the floor anywhere, we can figure out where the elevator is exactly, half of the time.

Going back to my image of the floor, in this situation If i were to simply go forward along the planks and to the right until i hit the inner corner, or turn around and do the same, i would end up at the north east corner, or the south west corner where the elevator is.

Given, you already know which direction you’re facing, remembering that south west is where the elevator is should be all you need to know to get home safe.

One last thing that might get you caught up is the long halls that occasionally spawn along the west south walls leading towards the elevator, these are important to remember to not get lost, they can sometimes lead all the way to the north west or south east corners, and may be the only way to get back to the elevator.

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