Rogue Galaxy – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Rogue Galaxy game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • There’s a one-on-one boss battle against an enemy who uses ranged attacks. You have to spend nearly the entire battle shielding and slowly inching closer to the enemy. It takes forever and this battle is what caused me to break and hate the game.
  • Once you get Toady, always feed it when you have two maxed out weapons (don’t bother raising elemental stats, they never seemed to have any effect for me) – the result will be better than what you could probably buy at that time.
  • Switch out your characters a lot. Even though your standby characters receive experience, it’s only at 2/3rds the main party. You’ll want decently leveled characters for the final boss battles. Trust me.
  • Also, if you haven’t been leveling other characters weapons – don’t sweat it, there’s merchants right before the final bosses that sell the 2nd most powerful weapons for all characters, except for Jaster.
  • On the Jungle planet you may encounter your first mimic. The lock on the front of the chest looks different, so if you notice that in time you can choose to avoid it. Once you open the chest, run away, heal your buddies, circle around it and hit it from behind, run away, repeat etc. They get easier later.
  • The final boss battles fucking suck ass. If you lose on one part, even the final part, you get to do ALL of it over again. Have fun!
  • If you plan on doing the quarries, hang on to most of your extremely rare items, even if they can be used in a Revelation Flow, as most of the quarries require you to have such an item on hand. Also, most skills on the revelation flows are quite useless except for the buff skills and Illusion Sword (for Jaster.)
  • Don’t be afraid or hesitant to buy every weapon and max out its XP bar. At best you can combine them for new items, at worst you get XP and work toward filling your bounties. Bear in mind, however, that Jaster’s best weapons are all special unique swords with 4 versions. Just look up the powerup combinations.
  • Beware the boss fight in the mines on Vedan. This is where the aforementioned melee vs. gun fight takes place. Block like crazy, judiciously heal, and be very patient.
  • Keep well stocked on healing items, because the difficulty curve can spike or valley at a whim. Sometimes you’ll have no problem rocking everything, and then you’ll walk into a fight where the enemy has a damage shield and spams AOEs. Always take out the jump-to-hit (you’ll understand when you fight them) enemies first in any fight.
  • Jaster’s damage boost skill (I forget the name but he gets it early) makes him very powerful. In fact, a good strategy against any boss or tough enemy with no special defenses is to have every character use a damage buff and go to town.
  • AOEs kinda remove most of the difficulty in the game. While not useful against bosses or certain enemy types with special defenses, AOE attacks such as Deego’s Air Raid will ruin everything else, even into the depths of the endgame dungeon. It’s entirely possible to enter a battle and win it with one spell. Whether you abuse this is up to you, but it tends to make dungeon exploration a lot smoother.
  • Illusion Sword plus attack buffs will destroy any boss in less than five seconds I guarantee (get up close so you hit with the sword plus the sword beam).
  • Completing all revelation flows is impossible don’t do it most of it sucks anyway.
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