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JCB Pioneer: Mars - Surviving on Mars

Written by GrendelPrime   /   Sep 5, 2017    
JCB Pioneer: Mars - Surviving on Mars

After a few hours, I have collected some information that would have been nice to know when I started.

You Survived Landing on Mars, Now What?

Congratulations, you didn't die yet, but the day is far from over. The voice in your helmet does a good job of pointing out the essentials, but glosses over a few points that turn out to be fairly important.

  • Your inventory screen is used to manage your inventory, your vehicle's inventory, the Hab, even crates. There is not a prompt to tell you this, but stand facing the item and press "I" to see the contents and manage them. As =diFRacto= pointed out, you may also transfer from a vehicle by pressing "I" while looking at another vehicle, crate, or building.

  • When building structures around your Hab, pay careful attention to placement; if they are too far from a power source, or are not facing a power port, you may not be able to energize them. 

  • The game saves your progress when you enter the Hab, should you die from Corrosive gasses/Meteor strike/Electrical discharge/Radiation poisoning/Asphixiation/Lava immolation/Starvation or Dehydration, you may return to the Hab, minus your inventory, but hopefully a little wiser for the experience. 

  • When visibility is impaired, the scan "T" can help give you a better look at the surrounding terrain similar the flashlight "F", but in all directions.

Written by GrendelPrime.