Three of Cards – 100% Achievements Guide

A simple guide for the achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Skills Achievements

333 of Cards

  • Is this what you meant…?

You should get this normally by reloading and attacking… but, if you’re thinking this is difficult, turn on the cheat mode and keep reloading and attacking until you get it.

The Extreme Survivor

  • You’re still alive!

For this one, you need to finish a level with 0 cards. Easily done at 63F. Just go through the map as normal and shoot some cards at the end before entering the next floor.

Noir Mania

  • I like B&W movies

You need to finish a level while you’re using the skill… This one can be a bit trick without cheat mode on.

Thirty Three of Disguises

  • You’re ran out of wax

This one can be done by pressing the disguise skill a few times. Reload if needed.

Story Achievements

These are the achievements you get by progressing in the game.

The Beginning

  • We met on the rooftop

Clover Jack

  • Poverty

Heart Queen

  • Affection

Spade King

  • Death


  • You’re my hero

Other Achievements


  • …was it on purpose?

You get this one by dying at the tutorial.

Game Over

  • A strategic retreat

Pretty straightforward, die any moment and you get this.


  • Cheat has been detected

Cheat Mode: to turn it on, you need to type Johnny in the red letter which you can move floor to floor.

A Master of Magic

  • …but sadly, there’s no mind reading in reality

Play the game from start to finish using Blind difficult, without cheat mode on.

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