Ittle Dew – 100% Achievement Guide

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How to Obtain All Achievements

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Note that you need to play the game at least four times to get the achievements:

  • Finish the game with all weapons.
  • Finish the game with fire sword and ice wand.
  • Finish the game with fire sword and portal wand.
  • Finish the game with ice wand and portal wand.

I suggest your first run to finish the game with all weapons, clearing the optional achievements to get all cards and heart points. Finish some optional challenges too if needed. As for “Keepin It Jenny”, feel free to do it when you do the other three runs. You also can try to speedrun the other three, so feel free to plan your run before attempting it.


The Hard Way

  • Discover a shortcut in an item dungeon

There is a shortcut in the dungeon where you got Fire Sword, Portal Wand, and Ice Wand. It’s the path that is marked as “Professional only”. Feel free to check out the speedrun videos for the solution if needed.

Technical Pacifist

  • Defeat an off-screen enemy

You need Portal Wand on this. Move the portal block to a spike and then shoot an enemy far away from you. I did it in Warped Woods, the place where I got the wand.

Masterfully Executed Failure

  • Teleport a flying axe so that it hits you anyway

Again, you need Portal Wand for this. You can do this in The Castle. Find the axe throwing enemy and place a portal block below you, then move up one tile and go a bit farther to the back. Teleport the axe from that spot and quickly move to the south.

Stratospheric Picnic

  • Launch a Pancake enemy into the air

Yes, you also need Portal Wand for this. Cast a portal block and stand on it until the pancake goes towards you. Get out of the tile when that happens. The portal block will materialize and launch the pancake enemy in the air. You can find pancake enemy in the top right portal, and then head south from there.

My Brain Is Large

  • Complete the Master Cave

Okay, this is the hardest achievement go get apart from the speedrun ones. Master Cave is located in Fishbun Hills, the area where you get out after you get the Fire Sword.

Compost Crypt Completed

  • Complete the Compost Crypt

Compost Crypt is located in the Swamp, one screen east from the hub area. This area isn’t as hard as master cave.

Crayon Pumping

  • Find every piece of paper

This shouldn’t be hard to find since all chests are marked on the map. Just make sure to explore every area and check the ones in the map that you miss.

Number One Fan

  • Find every card

Again, this shouldn’t be hard to get if you already explored all dungeons. There are 4 cards in Master Cave and 1 card in Tutorial Cave.

Keepin It Jenny

  • Complete the game without harming any Frog, Fox, Berry or Deer Jennys

Self-explanatory. Just don’t kill any guy with animal costumes as you play, or don’t kill anyone just to be safe. If it still doesn’t work, do it in your Fire Sword and Ice Wand run.

Completion and Speedrun Achievements

Tool Assisted

  • Complete the game with all three items

Self-explanatory. Since you need to collect all chests to get all weapon, you might as well aim to get the rest of the optional achievements while you’re at it.

Keep Your Cool

  • Complete the game with only Fire sword and Portal wand


  • Complete the game with only Fire sword and Ice wand


  • Complete the game with only Portal wand and Ice wand

Three Hours Dungeon

  • Complete the game in less than three hours

Self-explanatory. You’ll bound to get this if you just focus on finishing the game with 2 weapons, without exploring the optional dungeons.

Just Dew It

  • Complete the game in less than 15 minutes

Self-explanatory. See either Keep Your Cool, Elementary, or Wanderer section for the fastest route. Note that the game will be saved only if you quit the game through the menu or reach a certain checkpoint (there will be a loading icon on the bottom right corner when this happens). This means that you can always Alt+F4 the game whenever you think you messed up or die – you still can safely Alt+F4 when the death animation shows up. If you want to force the game to save, quit through the menu and load it again.

For reference, I did it with Fire Sword and Portal Wand. I found the Ice Wand and Portal Wand combo to be hard to execute in the final boss fight.

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