Lost In Woods 2 – 100% Achievements Guide

This guide will help you to get all achievements in the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Note that the game is randomized in every playthrough and you can finish the game in whatever you want. I just put some guidance on that section in case you need it.


Note that the achievement description for this section is mostly done in summer. If you play in winter, you’ll have a hard time collecting grasses. Moreover, some objects are not craftable in winter. Dry grasses (grass in winter) can be obtained by plowing through grassy-like soil.

Where am I?

  • Start the summer world

Self-explanatory. Start in summer.

Live is possible

  • Find a house in the wood

Enter the house.

Frozen Loss

  • Start the winter world

Self-explanatory. Start in winter.

It’s so warmly

  • Make anything of clothes

Craft either a Fox jacket or Racoon Jacket and equip it with the right mouse button.

You can craft them by defeating 1 fox or racoon, 1 rabbit, and craft 1 cloth. You can craft a cloth with 1 Grass and 1 Sawdust. They are both obtainable from cutting trees.


  • Listen the SOS signal

There will be a UFO spawned somewhere in the map. Approach it from the north side to hear some signal.

The Stove

  • Make the stove

Self-explanatory. You need to craft Saw for this, which can be crafted using items that you can gather from trees and Flint, the hardest material to find in this game. You can get it from medium-sized rocks. Just try to break all rocks that you can find and hope to find one. You’ll also need Stone and Coal, which can be obtained from rocks.

The Workbench

  • Make the workbench

Self-explanatory. You need to craft Stove first before you can do this. You need Cast Iron, which can only be crafted if you place Stove nearby and require Iron ore and Coal. You can get Iron ore from rock that has circles with the same color as this material in it, while Coal can be obtained from two ways: you can get it from breaking rocks and craft it from Wood and Sawdust. You need Stove to craft it though. The rest of the material should be similar to Stove, with Boards being the hardest (yes, you need to get Flint again to craft this).

Note that you can use the broken Saw that you previously used. Just craft the broken Saw with another Flint to get a brand new Saw.

The Chef

  • Make the kitchen

You need Working Table for this. This is quite an annoying once since you need to get two Flints: one for crafting Stove, and another to craft the Kitchen. The other uncommon material is Apple, which you can obtain from apple trees. Just look around for trees that has some fruits in it.

Sweet dreams

  • Make a tent for sleeping

You need to craft Sunbed before you do this. The hardest material to craft Sunbed is Leather. which can be obtained by killing the cows. Keep on moving around when you hit it – make sure you don’t get hit too much. You don’t have to craft Sword to defeat it, although you’ll do it faster if you do that. Once you have the Sunbed, crafting the Tent is a piece of cake.


  • Cultivate the beds

You need to have Working Table for this. Craft a Hoe and use it with right mouse click on any soil. If it doesn’t work, try doing it to the land with the same plant in the achievement image.

Secret beast

  • Kill the secret creature

The secret creature looks like the achievement image – a walking tree that can shoot you. It’s advised to only attack them after you craft a Sword.

Caught a fish

  • Install the fishing net

Summer only. You can build a Fishing net in winter, but you can’t place it. The Fishing net’s material is easy to come by. Copper ore can be obtained from rocks that is similar to how you found Iron ore, except that you must look for a circle with dark brown color. You can use right mouse click to cast the net in body of water.

I love a honey

  • Build a beehive

Summer only. By beehive, it means Apiary. You need two Flints for Saw and Boards. The last material, Honey, can be obtained from trees with bee nest.

True farmer

  • Tame the bull

You need Kitchen for this. Craft Feed and drop it with right mouse click whenever a cow is nearby. It’ll transform a brown cow into a normal-colored cow and produce a milk for one-time use.


  • Bake bread

Self-explanatory. Once you get Milk from the previous achievement, use it to craft Bread. You will also need Millet, which can be obtained from the grain-like fields.

Welcome home

  • You have survived in woods and found the exit

Defeat 3 mandatory bosses and craft Salvation Key. Find a door with a keyhole in it and enter the door. I’m not sure whether you can get this in winter though.


  • Return home having survived in the winter

Same as above, but you need to beat the game in winter.

Don’t want home

  • Find an exit but don’t leave the woods

After you finished the game, say that you want to continue. You’ll also need this for the “survive x days” achievement anyway.


  • Complete all achievements


The First Day!

  • Live the one day

Three Days!

  • Live three days

The Week!

  • Live seven days

You might need to leave the game open in background for this and open the game after a certain interval to cater your character’s needs. Do it after you finished the game.

Ten days!

  • Live ten days

Same as above.

Wood cutter

  • Cut 30 trees of one kind


  • Get 30 stones


  • Kill 25 wild animals

Boss-Related Achievements

Before you do boss hunting, make sure you have Metal Key, Stone Axe, Bow, and at least 15x Arrows per boss. There will be 4 stone-like statues somewhere on the map. Use the key by pressing the right mouse click on it. Use Stone Axe to break the stone afterward. There will be a boss after you break it which will drop an item that you can use to craft Salvation Key, an item needed to finish the game. Note that the Spider boss is not needed to finish the game, although breaking the rock and defeating it will grant you 2 achievements.

The Temple of hearth

  • Destroy the stone of heart to call the boss of Iron Heart

Give me your heart

  • Beat the boss of Iron Heart

The Temple of wisdom

  • Destroy the wisdom-stone to call the boss of Stars Wisdom

I’m smarter

  • Beat the boss of Stars Wisdom

The Temple of tears

  • Destroy the tears-stone to call the boss of Sky Tears

Cry baby, cry

  • Beat the boss of Sky Tears


  • The Temple of spider


  • Defeat spider


  • You need to play the game twice to get all achievements, so start in summer for your first playthrough and winter on your second.
  • You can cut trees and break rocks by clicking and holding left mouse button to the object that you want to get. Note that you can move around after you click it for the first time – you just need to hold your left mouse button until the process has been finished.
  • If you start in summer, you can fulfill your thirst by pressing V in body of water. If you start in winter, you can plow snow with left mouse click and drink water from it.
  • Build a cloth as soon as possible. Foxes, racoons, and rabbits won’t hurt you, so you can kill them with ease. Doing this will help to prevent you from getting too cold too often.
  • Prioritize building Bonfire, Stove, Working Table, and Kitchen. Craft Flint once to get 5 charges of Bonfire. Only use it whenever your character’s warmth has gotten to low.
  • Try to find a house. Sleeping inside the house will increase 6 points, which is way better than sleeping in a tent. Place your Bonfire inside the house and Stove, Working Table, and Kitchen slightly outside the house, but still in the Bonfire range. This way, you can 1) recover your fatigue and warmth at the same time, and 2) crafting items and recovering warmth at the same time.
  • Place your base near a body of water (summer only). By base, I mean a place where you put your Bonfire, Stoves, Working Table, and Kitchen. If you find a House, just place it next to the House.
  • After you craft the essentials, try to craft weapons. Sword, Pick, and Axe are priority. If you start in Summer, craft 1-2 Fishing Nets and place it in the body of water. Cooked fish grant +20 hunger, so you don’t have to worry about food anymore. You can get Coal from crafting with the tree materials. You’ll have excess of them anyway. If you start in summer, try to get meat from cows and deers.
  • After you got everything done, focus on getting the optional achievements like finding UFOs and crafting bread. Skip this if it’s your second playthrough and just want to rush the game.
  • Craft a Metal Key, a Bow, a Stone Axes, and 15x Arrows. Feel free to craft 3-4 Metal Keys, 3-4 Stone Axes, and 45-60 Arrows if you want to defeat all bosses at once, although you’re bound to restock after one or two bosses because of your needs. Your Stone Axe might break after breaking 1 boss statue, so always replace it if it does. Skip the spider boss if you just want to get to the end. The spider boss’ statue is the one with spider net.
  • Once you get all keys, craft Salvation Key and head for the exit. If you want to get the 10 days achievement, just idle inside your house and survive from grilled fish (or deer or cow meat if you start in winter, but I recommend you to finish this in summer instead so you can mostly idle). Sleep and light torches to increase warmth whenever necessary. It took me 1-2 hours.

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