Hearts of Iron IV – Now This is Getting Childish Achievement Guide (Battle of the Bosphorus DLC)

This guide will show you a relatively simple and almost guaranteed way to get the “Now This is Getting Childish” achievement in the Battle of the Bosphorus DLC.

How to Obtain Now This is Getting Childish Achievement

All credit goes to Etrepcar!

The Game Options And Beginning

1. Select Bulgaria in the New Game screen, pick the default difficulty and make sure “Historical AI Focuses” is on! Otherwise this guide might not work.

2. You can research, produce anything: it’s up to you. The only tabs were going to use and guide you through is the Decisions and the Focus Tree and that’s it.

3. The basic Focus Tree path should be done like this.

  • Note: You can repress the Zveno and Allow the Paramilitary Organizations in your path, but I highly recommend still condemning the IMRO for an easier rearmament.
  • Note 2: You still need to complete some of the focuses, like promoting the Bulgarian nationalism one, I have not highlighted for obvious reasons. Other than that, you might want to complete some of the other focuses if you are low on PP.)

4. You might have noticed some kind of management minigame in the Decisions tab: I am not going to make a guide for this one, if you are quarter-competent and don’t spend the PP on useless things like Anti-Democratic raids, then you should be fine. First-time negative events can ignored most of time (I personally integrate the Agrarian Union and the Zveno, destroying the rest.).

For the rest of the guide, I will only go over important parts and milestones.

The Illusion of a Non-Partisan System

This is the first focus you will need some tinkering for.

  1. Once you complete the previous focus, you should have enough PP to get a democratic advisor: hire them.
  2. While you wait for the democratic support to go up to 20%, you can start your rearmament branch on the left side of the focus tree: for a good success rate, make sure to improve your relations with the UK up to the max (even 100).
  3. Do some decisions to request the UK to lift the restrictions. They should accept.
  4. Once the democratic support is up to 20%, I still recommend keeping them until the Non-Partisan System focus is done. This is due to the NS Movement marches that might ruin your democratic support.

Plot Against Boris – Regency Council – The Fate of the Balkans Arc

  1. Once the Liberal Trade policy focus is done, you should go for the “Plot against Boris”. Don’t worry if you didn’t integrate or destroy the factions in time: you can do it even after Boris kicks the bucket.
  2. Once again, just do the decisions regarding the plot: you can’t really screw up here.
  3. Once Boris finally suffers an unfortunate accident, go for the Regency Council focus.
  4. Pick the Pro-Axis government: Bulgaria finally has a child as it’s ruler! Now for some foreign matters.
    This part will be based on my personal playthrough, because I don’t have single solitary idea what even triggers Peter II’s rule aside from a vague event for Yugoslavia. Here is what I did:
  5. If Germany asks you to join the Axis, then join it.
  6. Do “The Fate of the Balkans” focus: this makes you leave the Axis and create another faction called something like Bulgarian Federation.
  7. Disband the Federation.
  8. Don’t pick the “Guardian of the Balkans” for some reason.

What focuses you do after this don’t really matter: Personally I like to do focuses that makes the War Goal Tension Limit and the Justifying Time less.

Important: Don’t ever under any circumstances send an ultimatum or even sway any of the Balkan countries (that includes Albania and Greece), otherwise the Italian AI will screw up and invade Yugoslavia early.

The Playground Fight

It’s time for the final fight against the Yugoslavian child, Peter the II! Wait, where is he? Oh right.

Alright, so after the Balkan arc, you might notice something: the current leader of Yugoslavia is Prince Paul, a grown-up adult vaguely flirting with the Axis. Since Paul isn’t a child, we must wait for Peter II to become the semi-king. Here is how to do that:

  1. After doing all the focuses you want (and not bothering the rest of Balkans), open up Yugoslavia’s diplomacy panel and wait for the one of the focuses mentioned below.
  2. Most of the time, Yugoslavia will invite a German military mission and go full speed to get in the Tripartite Act. Sometimes, they will just end the regency depending on Paul’s mood swing.
  3. In either case, as soon as they start either the “Sign the Tripartite Act” or “End the Regency” focus, justify on them using anything you want (I prefer justifying on a claimed state like Macedonia)
  4. Do not worry if Paul remains the leader of the country when the focus is done: around 30 days later, the British will send a stern warning to Yugo, demanding to make the child, Peter II, the king, or face a civil war. Most of the time they give in and make the child the king.
  5. By this time, you should have a war goal ready against Yugoslavia. Simply declare war on them (since the rearmament was successful) and a few seconds later, the achievement should pop-up.
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