Valheim – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Valheim game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • You can demolish anything built in your workbench range by equipping a hammer and middle-clicking the mouse. Doing so will return all of the demolished thing’s components, so feel free to destroy and rebuild things to organise your base as you please.
  • You can put markers on the map by double-clicking. You can choose which icons from the bottom right. Right-click to remove markers.
  • When you die somewhere far away, put a manual map marker near your corpse just in case. If you die during your corpse run, then the game will remove the old marker and mark your fresh corpse instead, leaving you guessing where your original corpse was.
  • Killing bosses opens up new progression options. The second boss’s altar requires Ancient Seeds that you get from Greydwarf nests and some elite enemies. If you’re wondering about the Swamp Key, then it opens crypts in Swamp areas where you can mine Scrap Iron
  • You will need to sail to new islands before long. Make sure you carry components to a portal before you depart, and place one at a safe-ish place when you can. Of course, also make sure there’s a spare portal in your camp to link it to.
  • Take good care while parking your boat. When you land, make sure your boat doesn’t have its sails up, or there’s a bigger chance it will get blown away into the sea. That’s why you want to be ready with the portal.
  • Gold, rubies, amber and amber pearls are spent at a merchant, who is an extreme pain in the arse to find, at least at this point. He lives somewhere in Black Forest, potentially somewhere at the arse end of the world.
  • While you can’t demolish a boat with the middle-click method, you can just, y’know, smash it up with your axe, and recover all the parts. Just make sure it’s low tide/that you’ve thoroughly beached it so that the nails don’t sink into water too deep to grab them. Doing this will let you portage your vessel across a landmass, or carry it through a portal to choose a more favorable starting point for your voyage.
  • Early on in the game, you’ll find tons of thistle and mushrooms; grab and save them; they will be your bottlenecks for mid-late game high quality food and healing items.
  • Damage types make a huge difference once you reach the mid-game, to the point that some bosses are effectively immune to some weapons. It’s fine to have a main weapon skill, but experiment with piercing/blunt/fire/frost etc.
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