Foxhole – Road Safety Tips

How to travel the roads of Foxhole and stay alive.

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Follow these simple tips to minimize road accidents and deaths while traveling the muddy roads of Foxhole, on foot or in a vehicle.


  • Rotate your camera for maximum viewing distance in front and behind you. This gives you more time to avoid a collision. Doesn’t help as much at night. 
  • Drive/run as close to the right edge of the road as possible. If the road is wide enough for two lanes, stick to your lane. Vehicles turn left to avoid pedestrians, pedestrians turn right (off-road) to avoid vehicles. 


  • Honk (left mouse button) when entering town, a bridge or any other point where you’re likely to encounter pedestrians and limited space to maneuver. Honk when you see a player on the road in front of you. Slow down a bit if you need to. 
  • Give people a lift when going in the same direction. No one wants to run if they can ride, so it gets pedestrians off the roads. 
  • Avoiding ambushes: When transporting supplies in a truck, try to keep a radio equipped and check the map for enemy activity before leaving a safe area. Don’t risk your supplies by driving on roads with recent reports of enemy activity. Trucks are easily disabled and destroyed with small arms, so your chances of escaping a proper ambush are slim. 


  • If you see a vehicle coming, move out of the way immediately. 
  • If you’re in town or in any crowded area, don’t stand too close to vehicles, especially not behind them. 
  • If you get accidentally ran over on a road, it’s almost always your fault. Roads are primarily for vehicles and it’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe while using them w/o obstructing traffic.
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