OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns – Basic Guide with Tips

General tips on how to play this game, such as what modifiers are good, what enemies do, points, etc.

General Tips


Movement tips and going real fast.

If you’ve played any shooter before, you know the basic controls, WASD, space, and mouse. OMFG also includes a slide move by pressing shift, and walljumping. This section is going to teach you about how to use these tools to effectively move around the map.


Sliding is a surprisingly good movement tool. It can be used to dodge projectiles, cross large gaps using a slide jump, and traverse areas with low ceilings quickly. It’s important to note that sliding can be move you in any direction, so you can use it in many different ways.

Sliding itself can be used for a quick burst of speed, to dodge an incoming attack, get close to an enemy, or get away from an enemy. Just try not to slide into more danger than you escaped from.

Slidejumping is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a movement tech performed by sliding and jumping while the slide is active. Enemies have a hard time hitting you while slidejumping due to how fast you go, so you can use it to dodge them and traverse large areas quickly. If you’re good enough, you can slidejump over an enemy and hit them with a shotgun blast for an easy kill. Slidejumping can also be chained into a wallrun and walljump.


When you jump into a wall, you stick to it and start wallrunning. This can be chained into a walljump, or cancelled by moving away from the wall. Anyway, the difference between most game’s wallruns and OMFG’s wallrun is that while wallrunning, you do not lose any height or speed and only fall once you come to a complete standstill or cancel it. Therefore, you can gain height in rooms with multiple corners by simply walljumping.

Walljumping also gives you a boost in speed, similar to sliding but obviously in the air. You lose this speed once you hit the ground but you can chain it into a slide to make the loss negligible. Walljumping can also be used to make yourself harder to hit, similar to slidejumping.

General Movement Tips

  • Never. Stop. Moving. If you stand still, you’re easier to hit.
  • Regular movement is slow, but more precise.
  • OMFG’s movement is sort of a blend between modern DOOM, classic DOOM, and Titanfall. If you play any of those games, the movement is similar but more simple.

Weapons & Prefixes

The G part.

Before we get into this, Nickingoo made a much more in-depth guide to weapons and prefixes, so check that out for what all prefixes do. Also, the comments about how good each gun is is my opinion, so don’t take it as gospel.

Weapon types

Despite the name, OMFG only has 9 different weapon types.


Generally has about 20 ammo in the clip and 80 in reserve. It has a very high fire rate but does lower damage compared to the other automatic weapons (about 19-25 damage per shot). Good early on but becomes irrelevant when other automatic guns are unlocked.

Assault Rifle

Generally has around 50 ammo in the clip and 150 in reserve. It’s the all-arounder of the automatic weapons, with medium fire rate and medium to higher damage. Good if you can’t get a minigun.


Generally has around 100 ammo in the clip and 250 ammo in reserve. Has a high fire rate and OK damage. Best automatic weapon.

Pump Shotgun

Generally has about 6 shells in the clip and 80 in reserve. Does abut 16-25 damage per projectile, meaning high damage up close due to it being a shotgun. Needs to pump after each shot, leading to a medium fire rate. Loads one shell at a time. Great early shotgun and keeps a role in the late game.

Assault Shotgun

Generally has about 8 shells in the clip and 80 in reserve. Does about the 16-25 damage per projectile, but seems to fire more per shot than the pump shotgun. Has a slightly higher fire rate due to not having to pump and reloads faster due to reloading the whole clip at once. Best shotgun late game, but the pump shotgun is not to be overlooked.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Has 2 shells in the clip and about 30 in reserve. Does the same damage per projectile as the other shotguns but fires more. Has a medium fire rate and reloads slowly. Worst shotgun due to its damage not making up for its ammo and reload speed.


Has 5 shots in the clip and about 30 in reserve. Does high damage but has a very slow fire rate. Reloads slowly. Better than the other pistols, but worse than an automatic weapon.


Has 4-5 shots in the clip and about 30 in reserve. Does medium damage and has a medium fire rate. Reloads fairly quickly. Worst gun late game, but OK early on.


Same as the pistol but has infinite reserve ammo. Can only come in common rarity and has 1-2 prefixes. Can only be gotten by running out of ammo or at the start of the game.


Since I don’t want to completely rip off Nickingoo’s guide, this will just go over the prefixes I think are good. Also, weapon qualities only affect how many prefixes a weapon has, so always check the prefixes before picking something up.

“Spider Queen’s”

Causes the gun to shoot spiders that lock onto enemies and explode. Can hit around corners and is very good on an automatic weapon. Use it while retreating if you’re hurt or just spray them around for very good damage.


Basically aimbot. Kind of rare, but good on anything except the pistols.

“Fully Loaded”

Puts all the reserve ammo into the clip. Particularly good on miniguns and shotguns due to them having a lot of reserve ammo. Pretty much the only way to make double barreled shotguns good.


Stuns enemies, giving you a bit of breathing room during fights.

Finally, any damage increasing prefix like Explosive or Punchy will generally be good.

Enemies & Their Points

Screw the tanks.

In OMFG there are three types of enemies. They will generally be more powerful the bigger they are. They don’t have official names so I’m going to make them up.


Will try to drive into you. Bigger ones charge at you, but it has a very long windup, so you can dodge it easily. Easy to kill, but don’t get overconfident as they tend to swarm you when in large groups.


Shoot out multiple projectiles of varying size, depending on the size of the tank. Purple tanks tend to only shoot one and blue tanks generally shoot many. Yellow tanks don’t move and shoot one big bolt at you. Move fast to make them unable to hit you.


Mechs are beefy, fire a lot of projectiles, and do a lot of damage. They’re very hard to deal with, but you will have to in kill all rooms. Luckily you won’t have to deal with them until about floor 7. Spider Queen’s or Shock guns will help against them.


Point values are affected by many different things. You get points every time you kill an enemy. The amount of points is affected by the size of the enemy, type of enemy, and prefixes. Small enemies give 500, medium give 600, and mechs and large enemies give 1200 points. You can double or even triple the amount of points by using a gun with the Double Points or Triple Points prefixes. The prefixes only come into play when the weapon is held out, so if you have a bad weapon with those prefixes on it, you can kill enemies with a Spider Queen’s weapon and switch to your Triple Points weapon before the spiders explode.

Room Objectives

How to progress.

There are 4 objectives currently. They are kill all, find the key, survive, and break the targets. It should be noted that once you complete an objective, all enemies in the room will die and you will get full points for each one, so if you have a Triple Points gun, hold it out as you complete the objective. That’s all for the strategy on this one.


Techs and things of note in list format.

  • When reloading, you can switch to your other gun and you will still reload. Use this to reload while still shooting.
  • Certain prefixes are purely cosmetic, but may still affect how you play, like Spelunking, which limits your vision, and BIG, which obstructs your vision.
  • Editorial is just a reskin of Plasma.
  • Test yourself. I may have gotten some of this wrong, and if I did please let me know and I’ll edit the guide.
  • A Legendary weapon is not necessarily better than an Epic one.
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