Ehvalat of Brendan – Beginners Guide

Please note: all credit goes to BIATCHLASA!

The idea of this guide is to be a tutorial and also to show you what to do in this game.

Newbies Guide

The Beginning of the Game

Alright so you just started the game and you have no idea what to expect. Well I got you covered. The objective of this game is to make money. You make money by operating a trailer shop. You start with 1100 cash and some items to sell.


Here are the controls of the game

  • W – forward
  • A – left
  • S – backward
  • D – right
  • Left click on items – you get to hold stuff.
  • F – If you press f while holding an item you throw it.
  • R – interact with stuff.
  • V – pick up the item and put it into your hotbar.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 – While grabbing an item and pressing these buttons you can rotate the item. Useful for stocking items.
  • Spacebar – jump.
  • Ctrl – sit.
  • C – crouch.
  • Tab – Inventory (When moving items you don’t hold click and drag. You just click and drop).
  • Esc – Settings and Exit.
  • Scrollbar – move across the hotbar.

You will also notice there are stats in this game. There is hunger, thirst, and health. You can eat stuff by going to the item you want to eat/drink and press v. This will put the item into your hotbar. Then left click and you will eat/drink the item. You will notice under the money there is a green number that is a 3. That is your reputation of your store. If you successfully sell your items fast enough to your customer you get reputation. If a customer gets murdered outside of the store, your customer is upset with the prices, or you are not fast enough you lose reputation.

The first thing you wanna do in this game is to open the window. When the window is open it means your store is open. When it’s closed the store is closed and people won’t try to buy stuff from you. When a customer comes you will have to find the item they want. Let us say they want kvass. You will find the kvass and hold left click on it. This will grab the item. Then go to the customer and press f to throw the kvass at him. Hopefully, you aren’t dumb and miss your shot. If so then try again you clumsy idiot. If the kvass touches the customer then you will be paid and the customer will register you gave him kvass. If you give him the wrong item he will give it back to you. Continue serving your customers until you run out of an item. Let’s say the customers made you run out of kvass. You now must go to your computer to order your items.

The Computer

  • Mail (Envelope Icon): Every day people will message you. Sometimes you can find items that are on sale in there.
  • Insurance (Red Cross Icon): You can buy insurance over here. It costs 3000 per policy. You have to sign the contract the game gives you.
  • Services (Money getting cut by scissors Icon): The cost of your lights.
  • Transactions (Money getting switched around Icon): Can be used to order deals from the mail. Just type in the account number and the amount needed.
  • Credits (Time with coins): Take out some loans.
  • Management (Dollar sign Icon): Change the prices of your items.
  • Products (Browser): Can be used to buy items.
  • Technic (Washing Machine): You can buy a distributor and repair your windows.
  • Advertising (Speaker): This allows you to make your prices higher without having customers being angry.
  • Service (Computer): This allows you to take orders from customers and be able to give them the computers they want.
  • Programs (Flash Drive).

Click the product’s application and find the kvass. I recommend buying either 10 or 20 of an item at a time. Click the basket and then order. Remember you can only buy 80 items at a time. Get out of the computer and go to the door that is next to the window. Hold R and click the warehouse icon. Turn around and you will see two trucks. The left truck is where your items will be. The right truck is where you put your items. Grab the boxes of the item. Remember to look at the box in order to pick it up. Don’t look at the kvass or you’ll pick up the kvass. Next to the right truck there will be security panel. Hold R. You will see it will have 2 options. The top one looks like your trailer. That means you will walk to your trailer. The bottom option looks like the truck moved from the warehouse to your trailer. That means the right truck will drive to your trailer and hook up over there. Click the bottom icon. You will find you are back at the shop with all the items you put into the right truck also there. Grab all your items and decide what you want to do with them. You can go back to the door and press the delete button or the middle button to get rid of the right truck.

Now there is one more thing you can do. If you go to the warehouse you will see a door. Open it and you will be greeted with a hallway. Now currently there is only one room in this hallway. And it is Jack’s shop. Here you can find furniture, tools, guns, computer parts, cleaning supplies, etc. To buy stuff go to the item and hold R. Click to basket. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with your basket. Now go to the cashier. Go to the credit card scanner and press r. There you can clear your basket and also pay for your items. The item will appear at the brown table that is under the sign that says “Jack’s Shop”

There you have it. That’s the beginning of the game completed! Continue making money and buy all the necessary items.

Tips and Tricks

  • Everyday you can get a deal for items. This can make getting a profit a lot easier since you buying low and selling high.
  • You can buy the spray bottle and use it to clean up your window. If you see brown spots on your window you can get the spray bottle and start shooting.
  • Every 5 days the mafia will come over and shoot everyone around your store. This will cause your reputation to go down. They will also try to break your window. If they do then they will shoot you and try to kill you. You will have to repair the window and your health. Buying guns and medical insurance will help you repel these mafia attacks.
  • You can reload your gun and spray bottle by buying either the Window Cleaner, Rifle Ammo, or Revolver Ammo. Put it into your inventory and right click your weapon or bottle.
  • You can sell unwanted weapons in the shop. In the shop there is a scale. If you put an item on there you can sell it.
  • Press esc to change your mouse sensitivity until you are comfortable.
  • If you are lagging you can press esc and change your resolution.
  • You can turn off the lights in your warehouse and trailer. You can then buy a flashlight and batteries and rely on them to light your place up. This way you can save money on lights.
  • You can remap your keys by pressing esc. Make sure the key you want to remap isn’t already used.
  • You can buy a distributor in order to automatically sell your items to customers. No need to constantly through your crap at them.
  • Are you in deep trouble? Are you out of items to sell and you still have no money? Get a loan! Make sure to pay the money back though or you are in even more trouble.
  • Buy the Scanner in order to check the expiration date of your products!
  • In order to fill up your fuel tank you go to your warehouse and into the hallway. Keep going and you will be greeted with a vending machine! Get you fuel tank and drop it on the ground. Now press v on it to pick it up and put it in your hotbar. Go to the vending machine and look at the empty space at the left. Aim at the bottom of the empty space. You will see it will be highlighted and will give you the option to interact with it. Press r. You will find your fuel tank ready to be filled with fuel. Go to the knob of the vending machine. It decides how much fuel will be put into your tank. Remember every 1 liter of 5$. The right button will dispense fuel into your tank. And that is how you fill up your fuel tank with fuel.
  • Put items into your refrigerator to extend their freshness. If the drinks and food is expired then customers will decrease your reputation. I recommend buying 10 products at a time in order to keep the freshness of your food good.
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