Resident Evil Village – Useful Tips and Tricks (Gameplay, Issues)

Warning! This guide contain some spoilers!

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Tips and Tricks

Alt tabing ruins the frames

Changing to borderless windowed help to fix it.

What is the hardest mode in this game

It calls Village of Shadows mode. There’s a harder mode the hardcore once you beat it. You can beat the game and unlock it, or get the dlc and unlock it instantly.

Sound issue

If your game getting a lag between the voices and lip syncing in the starting cutscenes, then make sure you have 60fps all the time, this fixed it. Most likely you have the graphics set too high.

How to move in-game map

You can move it with middle mouse.

Mouse sensitivity issue

If changing the mouse sensitivity doesnt do anything, sens is very slow, then you need to change movement camera mouse sensitivity, it’s the option above regular mouse sensitivity.

What to do in starting section title

Looking it up, when the boss enemy appears the path near the water that’s blocked by a tree opens up and you can head through. Then there was a cutscene and the bells rang. Only the big boss comes out you just need to stay alive until an arrow hits your leg and a cut scene happens.


You can to move to the rooftop of the house that has a red ladder inside it and fight on top of the building, the cutscene will trigger there after some time.

How to remove weapon charms

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