Resident Evil Village – How to Get First Cutscene (Village of Shadows Mode)

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Guide to Get First Cutscene


  1. Open the back door (behind radio house) right away.
  2. Go to the shotgun house, but don’t use the shelf, you have just enough time to grab everything.
  3. Reload your pistol while watching enemy come trough the door (you are standing near the cellar pit at the moment) and drop down.
  4. Grab scrap, go around, ignore flower and just crawl.
  5. Run to the house with a ladder to the roof. Don’t use the shelf.
  6. Up the ladder. Jump down.
  7. To the barrel that’s near a closed gate.
  8. Try to blow up as many as you can and then run to the radio house (you got hit on the way there and used my only heal), go from the Left, circle around and trough the door you’ve opened.
  9. Up to the shotgun house again. Use the shelf this time.
  10. Stayed there, taking shots at enemies trying to bust the door, then heard the boss appear.
  11. Held down shelf until it broke (be careful, because sometimes an enemy can come up from the cellar, but it doesn’t always happen).
  12. Down to the cellar, a painful run to the ladder house. Use the shelf. Stab guys trying to break the window.
  13. Blow up barrel, when the shelf gives in (boss was right outside for you at that moment).
  14. Climb the ladder as fast as you can. If you got hit – stay at the top of the ladder without climbing to the roof and wait for autoheal to kick in.
  15. When you are healed – jump down and do the circle around radio house again, then to the shotgun house. 
  16. Staying in it, watching the door (and cellar), ready to jump down and continue running, and at that moment the cutscene kicked in.

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