Resident Evil Village – How to Progress Past the Ambush

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Guide to Progress Past the Ambush

Bugging Out the AI

This is the simplest way to get past the ambush – and is the way I recommend if you’re on Hardcore difficulty, as it can be quite frustrating otherwise.

If you’re reading this guide, you’ve already done a little trial and error.

Move to the building that has the shotgun and drop down the ladder.

Stand exactly where the green box is pointing towards (right beside the wooden beam)

No enemies will drop down if you stay there – only once the scripted, larger enemy spawns, will they begin to drop down.

The larger enemy breaks through a barricade and opens up a new area to the western part of the map – right beside the farmhouse you fought your first Lycan in. Run over to that newly opened up area, hold out, and wait for yet another scripted event to occur.

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