No Man’s Sky – How to the Get Reunion Achievement


This is not going to be a comprehensive guide on how to play the game. I am simply going to try and help with finding other player’s bases in No Man’s Sky. I am pretty sure that my method is not the easiest or fastest method but this is what I did to get the achievement. It took hours of frustration but I figured out a way to do it and want to share it for my fellow achievement hunters.

Alternative Ways

The other ways that I thought of are:

  • Sheer luck. The chances of finding a player base nearby are not high but it’s not impossible. If you see contact and you see a beacon on a planet then you’re in luck. 
  • Portal. Getting the address from a player and using the portal to travel to the planet is also an option. You can build a Geobay and if you’re lucky the base will be nearby. If the base is far away, it could take hours to get there without a ship. 
  • Portal part 2. Another way is to move your home to a system near a player’s base (you also need an address for this) and then you will be able to get your ship and travel to the base. The reason you do not want to make a home base in the other player’s system is that it prevents you from accessing the other player’s base. 

Part #1: Necessities

Firstly, my method involves a lot of travelling so having a maxed out hyperdrive will make things a lot easier. You can also use blackholes to try and get closer but you’ll need hyperdrive once you’re very close to your destination.

Secondly, you will need to use the Pilgram Star Path website by pahefu. It can be found here.

Lastly, you will need luck. So, gather all your lucky items and prepare for your journey.

Part #2: Signal Scanner Booster

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

Placing a signal scanner booster will give you your current coordinates. Next we go to the Pilgram Star Path website.

On the website you will see buttons on the left side of the screen. Pick the 3rd option and then pick the hub you want to visit. I picked the Galaxy Hub Project because they seemed the most active.

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

After you’re done there, go back to the 1st page and look at the coordinates from your signal booster. Ignore the first one and type in the next four sets into the Pilgram Star Path website just as it’s shown with the “:” between each set.

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

Hint: I used my cellphone since I had to do this a few times. It was easier than constantly tabbing but multiple screens will work too.

After you put in your coordinates, you will be given information on how to reach your destination. Click the plus button next to “Degrees from center” to show you the direction you need to be going in. Also note that it will say if you are above or below the destination (this is a 3D map). Use “Spacebar” or “Ctrl” to move up and down however many systems you need to.

Part #3: Arriving at Your Destination

I know it’s been a long journey but congratulations on reaching one of the hubs. When you arrive, you will notice that if you scan for players there are many systems that have had player contact.

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

Look for the ones that have “HUB” in the name. These are more likely to have player bases in them. Once you enter one of the systems, you will need to see if anyone has placed a beacon.

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

A beacon will be visible on the planet as well as on your compass.

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

Part #4: Reunion

Once you get to the planet with the beacon, hope that it is a player base. If it isn’t then you will need to try again with another planet or system.

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

To get the achievement you will need to go into the base and find the base terminal. The terminal will have an option to register your visit. After registering your visit, the achievement will be yours.

Well done, Traveller!

No Man's Sky - How to the Get Reunion Achievement

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