Trove – How to Earn Flux a Little Bit Faster

In this guide, I will explain you how you can get Flux a little bit faster!

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Finding a Suitable Mine

First what you want to do is find a suitable mine with lots of ore, you want to remember that mine for later, as it is very important, you dont want 1 mine you need more mines! Just incase! I suggest the highlands for this. As they tend to have lots of mines in my opinion.

Getting Setup for Mining

First what you want to do is mine Primordial Flames and make bombs. Which require 1 Primordial Flame and 10 Shapestone can be crafted at a Adventurer’s Crafting Bench.

You’ll need loads of bombs, when you’ve done that go back to your mine, and start throwing your bombs at the ores.

You shall be getting some miners troves.

Out of one of these chests you can get a pet named ‘Diggsly’

You can sell this pet for 2.5k flux at the Loot Collector, or keep Diggsly as a pet, which is your choice.

Starting to Mine!

Start throwing your bombs at the ores, have some space left in your inventory!
And start collecting miners troves then open them and if youre lucky you get your pet.
‘Diggsly’ sell your pet at a loot collector for 2.5k. Like I said you can you dont have to.

The End

If you’ve followed these steps. You’ve gotten a little bit or alot more flux.

Now you’ve got loads of Flux and do whatever you want with it, if you need more. Repeat the process!

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