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Untrusted - How to Win as Sociopath

Written by Arc   /   Updated: May 10, 2021    

In this guide you'll find the basic concepts and strategies to be able to win as Sociopath.

Sociopaths Basic Concepts and Strategies


Sociopath is a neutral role, which means that its win condition is different from the one Netsec or Agents have.

To win, you will need to do two things, firstly, you will need to become the new operation leader, which sounds like a very difficult thing to do, however there are several strategies you can follow to figure out who the operation leader is.

Secondly, once you have become operation leader, you need to get arrested by agents. This part is easier than the first one but it's still tricky, given that you need to contact agents without netsec lynching you.

Part 1: Becoming Operation Leader

To become the new operation leader, you can do one of these 3 things:

  • Get root from the operation leader. This is by far the hardest way since you have no way of confirming yourself.
  • Using the "Crack credentials" skill whenever the operation leader dies. This method requires a lot of luck, since you need agents to arrest the operation leader and you also have to hope that when they die, they haven't given root to another person.
  • Murdering the operation leader. This is the most common way of playing as sociopath and it's the method we will be talking about the most.

To find out who the operation leader is you will need these:

1 - Connection logs

  • The connection logs can be accessed by clicking on a node that is hacked, it will show everyone who has entered the node.
  • Since the operation leader has a hack ability, when the first node gets captured you can mark down who is in the connection logs. This way you can rule out the people who aren't there, since you know that they are not the people you are looking for.
  • You also need to watch out if someone suddenly doesn't hack for a day, and then keeps hacking, this is because the operation leader can give root during the day phase, so if someone does that, you should keep an eye on them.
  • You can also try to find the people who didn't follow the instructions, since the operation leader will definitely follow their own instructions.

2 - Broadcasts

  • The operation leader will be sending anonymous broadcasts throughout the game, and these will help you to locate him.
  • The first thing you need to look out for is who is speaking while the broadcasts are being sent, since the operation leader won't have time to speak in chat while sending messages, so you can rule out the people who are talking before or shortly after a broadcast is sent.
  • Another thing you can check are votes, for example, if people start voting someone and the operation leader sends a broadcast saying to not do that, you can rule out the people who voted, since they will be written in the chat.
  • You can actually try to force this by pushing someone and voting them, however, it will draw a lot of attention to you and if your claim is weak, you might end up getting lynched.

3 - Follow

  • Although this skill might sound useless at first, you can use it if you have ruled out most people.
  • If you follow someone at night you will see who they visit on that turn, and we can use this skill to our advantage, given that the operation leader can't visit anyone at night (The skill "Emergency extraction" does not leave a visit).
  • If you follow someone and they don't stay at home, that means they can't be the operation leader, so you can immediately mark down that they are not who you are looking for.

4 - Role list

  • If you open your personal log, you will see on the top right that there is a role list with several columns, and this is a really important tool you will need when playing sociopath, specially the "suspected" column.
  • This is because, as I said in the "Connection logs" section, you can immediately rule out a lot of people by marking whoever hacks a node in the suspected column as "Operation leader".

5 - Votes

  • The operation leader's votes count as 2, and we can use this for our advantage.
  • When someone is being voted, a number will appear to the right of their name displaying how many people have voted them. If this number is red, it means that there haven't been enough votes to kill that person, if it is yellow, it means that there has to be 1 more vote, and if it is green then there are enough and that person will die unless people rescind their votes.
  • As I said before, the votes that the operation leader makes count as 2, which means that even if the number next to a player is yellow, if they are being voted by the operation leader they will die anyway. If someone is being voted, try to vote or rescind your vote to make the number next to them appear yellow, by doing this if the person dies, you know that one of the voters is the operation leader, otherwise if the person lives, you know that none of the voters are the operation leader.

Once you are sure who the operation leader is, you can use your "Murder" ability on them at night and gain root.

Before we move on, keep in mind that a good operation leader might fake claim, so just because someone claims a role that isn't operation leader you don't have to rule them out immediately, in fact, you should write their claim under the "Claims" column in the role list in your personal log.

Part 2: Getting Arrested

Now that you have become the new operation leader, you need to get arrested by agents, which is much easier than the first part, and mostly just takes a bit of time.

However, it will be a bit harder if you became operation leader by using "Crack credentials" once the original one has died, since it will take you at least 1 turn to become operation leader, so netsec might know that you didn't actually get root and you might be in trouble if you claim to them.

Here are some methods for getting arrested:

1 - Emails

  • You can send private messages by clicking the envelope icon that's on the left of each person's name.
  • Note that this strategy might not work if you used "Crack credentials" (since people will know you're actually a sociopath) or if you haven't sent any broadcasts when you murdered the last operation leader (since people will think that there isn't an actual operation leader in the game).
  • This strategy consists of sending an email to everyone individually (during the night phase) saying something like "i am the new ol, could you tell me your role?".
  • By doing this to everyone, you will end up sending an email to the field agent, who will definitely arrest you.
  • If you do this, you need to keep track of what the actual netsec claims, because if you contact an enforcer, they will escort you, preventing the agents from arresting you.
  • When an enforcer claims to you, you need to immediately ask them to be on someone else or you could ask someone with a "Midnight meeting" skill to occupy that enforcer claim.

2 - Journalist

  • The journalist is the sociopath's best friend, since they can expose you publicly and gain an article for it, which means that you both have a better chance to win.
  • If a journalist has claimed publicly, you can email them and tell them to expose you for a free article.

3 - Speech patterns

  • If you have enough time and you want to play a more hidden sociopath, you could claim you got root once you kill the operation leader.
  • After this, you can lead netsec as if you were a normal operation leader, but while doing this you could talk the same way in chat, for example, you could send a message saying: "Use your probe node skill on the server", and then say in chat: "Yeah i think probe node weakens the server".
  • You can also match the way you speak in broadcasts to the way you speak in chat, for example, if you type "alright" a lot in the broadcasts, you can type "alright" a lot in public chat too.

Written by Arc.

Game:   Untrusted