Infinitode 2 – Basic Gameplay FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

All credit goes to Swoosh!

What does “….” stand for?

  • GP – Green Papers
  • Dmg – Damage
  • Atk Spd – Attack Speed
  • EWoP – Enemies Walk on Platforms
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • MDPS – Max Damage Per Second
  • mP – Map Points
  • BD – Bit Dust
  • BP – Blueprints
  • RSS – Resources    
  • Mats – Materials
  • XP – Experience
  • GVs – Game Values
  • DQ – Daily Quest (Leaderboard)    
  • DQs – Daily Quests (Login)    
  • Agi – Agility
  • PWR – Power
  • CMd – Custom Maps

Questions and Answers

  • When should I Prestige?
  • Every 25%                

  • How do I get “X” Score on “Y” Bonus Stage?
  • Mining/Early Wave Call

  • How do I complete “Saved Time by Forced Wave Calls”?
  • Wave Interval Research/Calling the next Wave as soon as the current wave stops spawning (Turn on Forced Wave Call)

  • Where do I get BPs?
  • All can drop as loot from enemies, and from chests. Agi/PWR/XP have a chest you can craft to obtain more of those as well. The rest can be Crafted separately as well                

  • Where do I get Teleporters/Cores?
  • Obtainable through Chests/Enemy Loot    

  • Where do I get Special IV BPs?
  • Crafting and Orange/Cyan Chests (Cyan is not suggested)

  • How do I get Legendary Cores?
  • Crafting

  • Where do I get Boss Tiles?
  • Lucky Shot has all 4, the No Boss tile can be obtained from Random Tiles/Orange/Cyan Chests    

  • How do I get EWoP?
  • It spawns on Bases

  • Where do I use BD?
  • Endless Research                

  • How do I get BD?
  • Playing in Endless Mode. It’s gained via Time Played/Enemy Loot. As well as Orange/Cyan Chest. Secret Codes. & DQs

  • Why does Windstorm not work?
  • Windstorm and Blast share the same Throw back mechanic

  • Why does “X” Boss not get Stunned/Frozen?
  • Bosses are immune to Stun

  • Can Icy be stunned?
  • Yes, if it’s shield is gone

  • Why do Snowballs stop working?
  • Bosses/Icy are immune to Frozen as well as enemies can only be Frozen a maximum of 8 times

  • Why is my Tower not gaining Exp?
  • Passive XP is now determined by the towers Upgrade Lvl

  • Why is PWR not increasing “X” stat?
  • PWR no longer increased yellow stats/Range

  • How do I unlock Dev Mode?
  • Currently unavailable

  • What Research should I focus on?
  • Economic Research such as Mining Speed/GP Multiplier. Other good

  • When should I use Research Tickets?
  • TBD, for now save them

  • Should I Mine in CMs or Stages?
  • Stages are more efficient

  • Best way to get GP?
  • High % Portal Custom Maps, only go high enough %’s to where you don’t lose kill speed

  • How do I get Prestige Tickets?
  • Prestige or selling CMs

  • Best way to get Prestige Tickets?
  • Selling CMs

  • Should I buy Cyan Chests?
  • Nope

  • What should I spend Accelerators on?
  • More Lucky Shots/Quest Skips

  • How do I get a 500% Portal?
  • Random Tiles are the best way, other options are from Orange/Cyan Chest and as enemy loot

  • How does Forced/Wave Call work?
  • Forced/Manual early Wave Call is the time remaining after the last Enemy of the current Wave spawns. The more Enemies killed before the timer starts the more Score & Coins you can earn for that Wave                

  • What does additive/multiplicative mean?
  • These are how stat modifiers such as +10% Dmg interact with the Towers stats

  • What stats are additive?
  • Research, Bases and “same stat” mods are additive. Meaning +40% Cannon Dmg & +40% Global Dmg from research = +80% to Cannons Dmg.

  • What stats are multiplicative?
  • After everything that applies to additive stats are calculated these bonuses are then multiplied by their respective stat. +80% Cannon Dmg to a 10 Dmg Cannon would be (10*1.8=18) Dmg                

  • How do I open/buy multiple chests at once?
  • Select the Chest/Random Tile you wish to open and hold down on the “Open” button until a pop-up appears                

  • Can Gauss be used in CMs?
  • Yes. Resource nodes will only mine their displayed values, but will keep acting as if they where mining so Gauss can still function
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