Warstone TD – Seeker Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Seeker Achievement

Getting the Achievement

Firstly, to get this achievement, you have to own the art-book and soundtrack DLC.

To find the secret level, you have to look at page 9 in the art-book, like the actual files in the game directory.

If you don’t want to do that, or you can’t find it, do this: or you can’t find it, do this: From the main menu in your game (the city) press ‘Enter’ to open up the chat, and type in “playoldlevel” just like that with no quotation marks.

You’ll then be taken to the secret level, and to get the achievement, all you have to do is beat the level.

Be warned though, the level is pretty tough and its very different from the normal game.

There is 51 waves and wave 40 and the last wave are especially tough. Don’t be afraid to use the spells/ runes as they can help out a lot.

For me, I got a few old veterans to take care of all the bat levels, and the rest of my towers were devoted to golden spears and mithril axes. The axes are good for stunning enemies and the spears can do crit damage.

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