There is No Game: Jam Edition 2015 – Achievements Guide

This will show you how to get the achievements for this…anything but a game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


During the part where the narrator moves the speaker around, you have to manage to click it in under 3 seconds. Probably the most aggravating of all the achievements, but still not too bad.

Besides, you can always use AutoClicker for this one.

Ready for the circus!

Do this achievement sometime after the narrator traps the speaker inside a metal box.

Use one of the original title letters, drop it on top of the metal box, then immediately grab the metal box and repeatedly drag it underneath the bouncing letter. Have the letter bounce off the metal box 10 times and you’ve got the achievement.

Breakout master

While playing the Breakout game, you must clear all the bricks before the narrator mentions the goat.

Animal cruelty

Anytime while the goat is in the cage, fill up the trophy with water and splash it onto the goat.

Note: Don’t drop it from too high up. Drop the trophy around where the cage is.

Bad student

When the ‘There is a Game’ screen pops up, spell either “Tree” or “Goat” before “Game”.

Let’s be friends / Not nice at all

During the ending where you have to select either yes or no…well, select both of those to get different endings.

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