Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Hidden Road in Cortiçadas De Lavre (Iberia DLC)

Find a hidden road in the Iberia DLC at Cortiçadas de Lavre.

Guide to Find a Hidden Road

Driving Up to Cortiçadas De Lavre

I’ve found a map bug in the Iberia DLC, version (64-bit), and here’s how to find it, too.

Cortiçadas De Lavre is a small town to the northeast of Lisbon. There’s only one way there, and only one approach after you pass the tolls.

Head for the Lumberyard

The one industry in Cortiçadas De Lavre is a lumberyard. You’ll go through a rotary–make note of it, and look at the missing road that branches off of it.

Take the rightmost exit from the rotary, and continue on until you reach a T-intersection. Turn left. (The road ends on the right side of the intersection, so you must turn left.)

At the Lumberyard, An Extra Road?

The lumberyard is behind the gate on your right. You’d normally swing into the yard to pick up a load, or drop it off. But what’s that road beyond it? There’s no “XXXXX” barrier that indicates the end of the map.

But here it is. Not on the map, but it’s a drivable road. Note the missing branch off the rotary in the map. We’ll come back to that.

A Road In The Middle Of Nowhere

Proceed past the lumberyard and go down the road. It’s in the middle of nowhere. Really.

Your GPS displays 0 kilometers!

But keep going down the road.

Going (on the) Roundabout, Back to Normal

Keep driving, and you’ll notice that the red line in your GPS is back. You’re coming up to the roundabout (rotary to Americans) that you passed previously. Turn back onto the rotary to resume your job and your life as a Euro Truck driver.

I’m not sure how SCS missed this. There are several other places in the Iberia DLC like this, mostly around the borders of facilities that you can drive “outside the map”. The Iberia DLC is a beautiful map that’s a pleasure to drive through. If SCS fixes the bug, I hope they leave the road in; most drivers appreciate driving in a loop or driving around the block to achieve a better position for offloading their cargo.