Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks that may not be obvious for newer players to make zombie killing more enjoyable. This guide is meant to assist you after learning the basics. This should give you the extra edge you need to dominate the zombie hordes!

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Aim For The Head

Aim for the head. Besides almost always being the weak spot, shooting their heads off will prevent zombies from resurrecting.

Level Up Faster

Want to level up quickly playing the campaign solo? Set the enemy setup to 4 player mode. You’ll have much larger zombie hordes and rack up more XP. You will also have an easier time earning gold medals.

There Are Many Ways To Heal Yourself

You have multiple ways to heal yourself.

  • Med kits are obviously the primary mechanism.
  • Performing a takedown not only gives you a free kill but it also heals you for a fair amount.
  • Divine grenades are usually best used for popping a heal when you’re low on health. Just toss one at your (and allies) feet and stand in the area of effect for as long as you can.
  • When you reach the appropriate level you can equip the Divine Blast for your melee attack. It doesn’t do much damage but it is good for crowd control and will also heal you by a small amount when used.
  • The Vampir Scope upgrade that is available for certain sniper rifles. You will self-heal for a small amount for critical hits.
  • The Vampirism perk will heal you for a small amount for headshots. Unfortunately, you have to reach level 100 before you can equip it.

Get Those Upgrade Kits

Be sure to search high and low for upgrade kits. These are invaluable for making your weapons stronger. Don’t forget that you can also earn extra upgrade kits by accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Acquiring all the collectibles for a mission – zombie hands, comics, etc. Finding all the collectibles for a mission will reward you with an upgrade kit (besides, one of those collectibles in each chapter is always an upgrade kit).
  • Leveling (ranking) up. You will be rewarded with an upgrade kit every 5 levels.
  • Earning gold medals for all chapters in a mission (Rack up as many points as possible during a chapter).
  • Completing mission challenges. Each mission has a unique challenge. Complete all challenges for a mission and you will be rewarded with an upgrade kit.
  • Acquiring stickers and completing sticker challenge sets.

Bait Grenades + Traps = Devastation

Bait grenades are great for crowd control. They’re even better if you throw them next to traps or explosive barrels. Let the zombies congregate for a little bit and then boom!

Need Ammo Or Supplies In A Hurry?

Are you low on ammo and a huge horde of zombies is closing in on you? You can save some time with the following tricks.

Some zombies have ammo or med kits on them. You can get to their loot by stomping their bodies but this takes time. Other options to get to the loot faster is:

Sprint toward the downed zombie corpse and slide into it. This will destory the corpse and cause the loot to appear immediately.
Shoot the corpse quickly to destroy it and releae the loot. You can do this while walking toward a corpse and have the loot available by the time you get to it.

Opening a supply box can take too much time during tense moments. You need those grenades, traps and mines but standing there and waiting is not always feasible. Just shoot the box before you get to it. It will pop open immediately for the price of a bullet.

Taking Out Officers

Officers are a PITA but you don’t have to shoot them in the heart to kill them. Sometimes you’re surrounded and you don’t have the time to line up a good shot to the heart. You can either use a takedown on them (if you have one available) or shoot them until they drop and then run over and stomp on them until they are destroyed.

Insta-Kill An Elite

You know those traps that are airplane engines with blades that suck the zombies in and insta-kill them? They work great on elites as well.


Perform a takedown or use a special melee attack. You will be invincible during the attack animations.

Dupe The Suiciders

Let a suicider run to you and then run away after they stop to blow themselves up. They wait a few seconds before detonating. If you time it correctly you can run far enough away to avoid the damage.

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