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Base One - Beginners Tips

Written by Orici Vintarion   /   Updated: May 12, 2021    

Tips for Newbies

Unless you play custom game dont build anything out of order.. dismanteling things only gives you half of the materials back.

  • You can feed multiple Solarpanels into 1 Batterie.
  • You can use multiple Batteries to feed 1 E.L.D.
  • You can support 2 rooms with Heat/Oxygen from 1 E.L.D.

In customs you need to research Drones and Mining Probes before you can use them.

The only progress making tool you have is the Research Station (Lab available at Start).

You can also order Supplies in Custom to refill Kits and other raw Materials for a Price also you can Hire more People (Docking Bay available at Start).


Written by Orici Vintarion.

Game:   Base One