Deadswitch 3 – Zombie Survival Mode Tips (Easy Start)

A simple guide focusing on what to do in that gamemode.

Tips to Zombie Survival Mode

  • For round one and two, meele zombies for a money boost.
  • Starting from round 3, only use guns to avoid high risk of getting killed in a moment.
  • Start buying better guns as the wave count starts to grow bigger.
  • Stay away from all of the zombies, and take them down from a range.
  • Remember to buy perks and scorestreaks to avoid getting killed fast as hell.
  • Each wave, enemies get higher health and new types start appearing.
  • The common ones are simple, slow, decent hp, and decent damage.
  • Meele lone common zombies.
  • Tough zombies (the big ones with machetes) one shot players and have high health, but are slower than my tumor growing in my brain.
  • Fast zombies are common zombies, but fast.
Written by pure_corruptions

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