Dead by Daylight – How to Get Gnome Charm

Guide to Get Gnome Charm


  • Both Killer and Survivor can claim the charm.
  • Gnome can be found on any map.
  • Exit Gates must be open for gnome to spawn.

Step 1: Play Killer

I highly recommend playing killer to find the gnome. It can be done playing survivor, but you’ll have to deal with the killer. You should be using fast killers to search the map as fast as possible. Since the exit gates must be open for the gnome to spawn you have a limited amount of time. I recommend playing Wraith for his fast movement speed.

Step 2: Hide in Basement

Every map has a basement. You should hide in there to not distract or disturb the survivors from doing gens. I found that survivors tend to complete gens faster when they don’t know who and where the killer is.

Step 3: Search for Gnome

Once all gens are complete you can open the exit gates. As soon as you open the gates go into your cloak and start searching for the gnome. The gnome can spawn any where on the map so look carefully. Once you find him you have to cloak out to smash the gnome. If you don’t smash him you won’t get the charm.

Step 4: Gnome

After you smash the gnome you have the charm for both survivor and killer.


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