Path of the Martyrs – Complete Walkthrough Guide

This walkthrough will help you to finish the game.

Walkthrough Guide


  • Use all permanent stat boosting items on Saiyato.
  • You don’t need to learn new spells with SP to finish the game, although it might be helpful to finish fights quicker. The final boss has neutral type, and the second to final boss has either Ice or Fire type (depends on the route that you take).
  • Use the heal from save point whenever you can. The only exception is in the icy area since you need to pay some SP to heal there. Equipping Mom’s Wedding Ring will help you to reduce your MP’s consumption rate.
  • Save often. There are some occasions when the game will freeze.

I only found two endings at the end, and the game will prompt you to save to experience both at once.

Weapons and elements info


Employee Lounge

Head inside the building. Battle all enemies and use the circle to heal and save. Interact with the blue vending machine on the left to get Flash Grenade. Open both chests on the room to the west. Interact with the left bookshelf on the north room to get John Smith’s Key Card. Open the other chest near the toilet for another Flash Grenade, then head to the west exit for another chest.

Return to the previous room and head to the southeast exit, to John Smith’s room. You can see the code key from John Smith’s Key Card in your inventory (4028). There is a chest and an enemy there. Return to the previous room and head north. Interact with the glowing things for EL Code. Battle the boss.

You’ll play hide and seek after the cutscene ends. Interact with the glowing things to find the girl. She’ll hide in the chair on the dining table, the sofa on the northwest room, and near the north exit. Save and fight her.

On the cutscene, once you joined with Machia, head to the south exit. There is a comic book to the east and 2 SP to the west. Return to the previous area. There are two ways to end this cutscene:

  1. Follow your parents and
  2. return the book to the library.

For the first one, head to the north exit. You only need to go to the end of the room before the time is up (I did it in 00:02). Interact with the door to end the cutscene.

As for the second one, head to the west exit. Talk to the librarian to return the comic book. Something will come up. Interact with the top right shelf on the top right corner, the left from the bottom right shelf on the bottom right corner, the bottom right shelf on the bottom left corner, and the upper middle shelf on the top right corner.

Talk to the librarian and leave the library. The creature will head to the south, but don’t follow it yet. The game will freeze if you do that. Instead, head to the north exit.

Once the cutscene ends, head to the west exit. You should be able to open the safe from the code in EL Code (8731). Head to the place where you fought the machine boss. Interact with the green thing and head north.

Subject Storage West Wing

Try returning to the south exit. You won’t be able to go out. Interact with the shiny thing next to the save circle afterward to get Subject Storage Key Card. Head to the room to the east. Interact with the broken wall to get Madeline Richfield Key Card. Open all chests. There is also a Flash Grenade on the bed to the west of the third switch. This room is quite tricky. Open Subject Storage Key Card. You need to flip the switch in order of the picture, but it’s switched up. Rotate the picture to 90 degree clockwise and follow the path from A to D..

Exit the room and head to the east exit. There are three rooms here, two to the north will lead you to fights. Interact with the bed on the north room. The northeast room bed has a switch in it. The south room requires the passcode from Madeline Richfield Key Card. Enter the passcode (7139).

Another cutscene. Machia’s room is to the southwest. Once you are in your room, head north. There is 3 SP waiting for you. Interact with the file on the table. You’ll get a reward based on the footsteps that you take. Talk your mother to switch the POV.

Once you are in control of Machia, head to the west exit. Talk to the glasses man to get Palace Basement Keycard. Head to her room. The basement is to the southwest exit on the first floor. There will be some switch puzzle before you can reach the boss, but it’s quite easy to solve. Save before the fight. Just remember that you can switch weapon in battle and you’ll be fine. Return to the library after you’re done. Interact with the bottom left bookshelf on the top right corner to find flowers’ meaning.

You can pick the flowers east of the grave. You can pick any, but make sure you start with Carnations, as stated in what she said when you interacted in front of the grave. Place the flowers to the grave. You can exit the castle by interacting with the glowing thing in the southeast corner.

Enter the room to the northeast. Interact with the bed to get SS Code. You also can read the writing on the wall if you like. Return to the room with the puzzle switches. Enter the exit on the other side of the room to reach a safe. You should be able to open it with the code from the SS Code (6210). Return to the save circle and head 2 screens east. You need to interact with the door for the second one.

Subject Conditioning Sector

No free full heals here. Use all of your skills and/or permanent stat boosting items if you haven’t already. Use normal attack for all fights from now on – Recovery can handle your HP. Head to the north room. Interact with the shelf next to the refrigerator to find Mystery Flavor Tart. There are four rooms to the east.

The southwest room has Mirai Ichia’s Key Card behind the snowman. You can use it to unlock the room south in the save point. Defeating the enemy in this room will also grant you SC Door Code Hint 3.

The northwest room has a chest and an enemy that will grant you SC Door Code Hint 1.

The northeast room has Flash Grenade on the glowing rock to the southwest corner. Defeating the enemy in this room will also grant you SC Door Code Hint 2.

The southeast room has a chest, another item in glowing snow on the southwest corner, and an enemy that drops SC Door Code Hint 4.

Enter Mirai Ichia’s office, located south from the save point. The code is 9402. Now, head all the way to the east. You’ll find a SCoSCode on the glowing ice. Head to the north exit using the SC Door Code Hints that you found (1875).

Another flashback to the past. Rehearse on the mirror. Feel free to choose whatever you want. Exit the palace. Don’t forget to get 4 SP on the room. Talk to Volot and answer his questions. There are other choice combination that can satisfy him, but here is one if you need it:

  • I heard of your outstanding support in the past.
  • He puts the needs of others before his own.
  • To support the people.
  • Confidence.
  • Help my father political affairs.
  • Show them Delma’s power.

Enter to room 104 before you go to Machia’s room in 106. Talk to Machia in her room.

In the canteen, interact with the ATM machine to get Get-Outta-Here Card. There are two ways you can finish this cutscene: 1) head to Machia’s room, 2) explore a bit to visit the fire creature again.

If you choose the latter one, head to the east exit, then north. Enter the room to meet the fire creature again. Head to the south exit and go to the men’s toilet. Choose the middle stall. Return to the previous screen and talk to the receptionist.

Go to Machia’s room. You should return to Subject Conditioning Sector after the cutscene ends. Head to the south exit. Open the chest and interact on the glowing floor to read a journal. Once you’re done, return to the save point. The ice has melted, so the path to the northwest is open. You’ll find a chest and a safe there. Use the code on SCoSCode (7832) to open it. Return to the previous area and head to the east exit. You need to press the Z button to go there.

Subject Creation Sector

Interact with the glowing floor nearby to get Code Hint 1. Enter the nearby room. You’ll find Code Hint 3 nearby. In order to open the chest near the machine, interact with all machines until the middle part is green. You’ll get SCS Lab 2 Code from it.

Exit the room. The next room to the south has a safe in it, but we don’t have all codes yet. Head north, then east on the intersection. You’ll find a glowing floor with Code Hint 4 in it and a room next to it. You can unlock the door from SCS Lab 2 Code (42321413). Interact with all glowing things and open all chests. You’ll find SCS Code in it. You also need to interact with all machines like in the previous room to unlock the middle chest. Don’t open the chest yet though. Exit the room.

Remember the room with the safe to the south? You can open it now. Use the code written in SCS Code to unlock it (2146). Once you are done, open the chest that you skipped previously. You’ll get Elevator Key Card, Skill Card: Indomitable, and another key item-related stuff.

In the flashback, there are 2 things that you can do: 1) exit the palace, 2) explore the palace. If you choose the first one, go inside one of the rooms to the east before exiting the palace to find 6 SP in Emilio’s Room.

If you choose to explore the areas first, head to the north exit from the grave, then go to the southeast exit, to Machia’s work room. Open the chest with the code in Golden Key Card (7184). Attempt to exit the room and you’ll be greeted by another creature. Enter the passage and fight the enemies. Just spam Double Attack to win the fight easily. Interact with the object that was blocked by the enemy to get Palace Basement 2 Keycard. Exit the room.

Pick up 6 SP on the room. Exit the room, and you’ll be greeted by enemies. Fight 6 of them throughout the castle. There are 2 in the room you are in, one to the north, two to the north, and one in the balcony, located in the northeast exit. Talk to everyone once you’re done and exit the palace. Choose any present that you want.

In your house, go to your room to the north. Interact with the note on the table again to pick up some reward and then interact with the metal box to dress up. Exit the room. Interact with the refrigerator before heading out.

Before you go to the elevator to the north, head to the east exit. You need to figure out the combination from John Smith’s Key Card, Madeline Richfield Key Card, and Mirai Ichia’s Key Card. Enter the combination (478). There is a chest and an enemy here. Do not go to the north exit. You’ll be softlocked if you do that. There’s nothing more you can do here, so return to the save point and head north to reach the elevator. It’s the X-marked box on the north wall.

Top Secret Sector

Open the chest in this room. You can head to either west and east room.

There will be a thunderball-pushing puzzle. You need to activate both thunderballs in the top and bottom machine. Push all lightning to the inactive machine to the left. You need to push the yellow thunderball first since you need the purple one to be in initial position to push it to the left side.

Interact with the glowing machine to get Main Computer USB. Fight the yellow enemy to get Super Spicy Tart. Return to the save point and head to the east room.

There’s the same puzzle on the east room. Solve it and head to the next room. There will be 2 exits here. There is a chest on the east exit, and a cutscene with chests and glowing object to the north. After you get them all, return to the save point.

Interact with the computer at the middle of the screen. You’ll be asked to answer security questions. You can find the answers on the machine on the bottom area, but if you’re lazy, here are the solutions:

  • 67
  • 112
  • ITSUKI (all caps)
  • Saiyato

Save before interacting with the machine again. You’ll have a cutscene and a boss fight. If you’re having trouble with the fight, make sure you equip Mom’s Wedding Ring so you can keep on spamming Double Attack. Interact with the machine again. You’ll see 2 passwords. You can input them on the machine to the east and west of the big machine. Save before using them though since you can only go to one area.

The code to the west (right) machine is 1026. Flip the switch based on the order written in the screen: NW E SE NE SW W. Interact with the green fire in the middle of the room to get some stat boosting items. Save before heading north. Connie will upgrade one of your weapons. Choose the sword. You’ll need it on the next boss. After you finish the boss, follow the path.

The code to the east (left) machine is 8201. This is more of a puzzle path. Activate all crystals and jump on the cliff left of the save point. Just press the z button to jump to the other side.

Don’t forget to get the green fire near the entrance and save before you leave this place. Connie will upgrade one of your weapons. Choose the gauntlets. You’ll need it on the next boss. After you finish the boss, follow the path.

The exit for both west and east path are the same. There is a character gallery to the east and the final area to the north. Head north once you’re ready. You’ll be able to choose one of two endings.


To be honest, some puzzles got me stumped, not because I didn’t know how to solve it, but it’s more because I didn’t know what the game wants. I thought the thunderball-pushing puzzle require me to push the thunderball to the lightning gate (which would be clever if it really is due to the difficulty), and it took me longer than necessary to solve it. Answering the name in the big machine near the end of the game also gave me trouble since it didn’t allow me to answer in a specific format…

Well, at least if you have the same problem as me, you would know the solution. I didn’t put puzzle solutions in the guide since they are very easy, so I hope you can manage that one.

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