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Plague Inc: Evolved - How to Obtain Doomsday Save Achievement

Written by Master Yeetimus   /   Updated: May 13, 2021    

Doomsday Save Achievement Guide


Doomsday Save

  • Save the world with less than 5% of the world's population left.


  • Start off in Greenland with the Bio Weapon disease. 
  • Add your field operatives to the map and keep in Greenland. 
  • Get Declare Armageddon, Expectation management and Extreme Measures 1 and 2. 

Note: You can explore in other countries if you want but I wouldn't recommend it as a boat may slip by. 

  • After you have enough resources, buy all of the authority buffs but don't buy fake news or censorship, you'll be saving that for later.
  • Don't initiate any lockdowns anywhere or close ports and your achievement should be earned within a year!

Written by Master Yeetimus.